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WHAT curlers

Modern curlers

This strange word "curlers" among today's youth does not cause specific associations.

But in the old days, they were the simplest and most effective means of hair curler and appeared in the arsenal of the then fashionable women long before the heating tongs and hair curlers.

History of

Simple history of papilotokIt originates in France. It was there, in the capital of European fashion in medieval Europe, with the help of their local beauty learned to turn your hair into luxurious curls. First curlers were just a small strip of cloth or paper, folded tow. That they wound their hair mods those days, and both men and women. At that time it was the most easy and effective tool for smooth and beautiful curls.

In those days wig curls and chichair was a symbol of belonging to high society and was given the right to rotate in a decent society. So even men provided themselves with curlers. For lords or Baronets curlers made of thick fabric, and personal barbers diligently to wind them on master's head. Ordinary citizens to use any available materials: hard yarn hanks or cuttings from old clothes.


Modern curlers

In the process of evolution have become curlersModern curlers of flexible plastic or a soft foam with which the hair can bind in any position without the use of any fasteners. Today's curlers are a little foam or plastic harness that easily folds into any shape. Inside this harness is embedded thin metal wiring, which allows you to securely fix the hair curlers on the head.

To build a hairstyle with the help papilotok,it takes a lot of patience. Self winding curlers on long hair can take an hour of your precious time, and drying and the final formation of hairstyles for another five hours. Therefore, it is better to do at night, especially since the material from which they are made, makes it comfortable to sleep right there.

Screw the hair on the curlers and can be himself. For the first time will have a little bit nervous, but then get better and better will be obtained. First, you must decide on the scope and size of the curls. The smaller the diameter papilotok, the smaller are the curls. The thinner the lock of hair is wound, the greater the volume will result in hair. Work on curling is best to start with the bottom layer, and all the rest of the hair on top to seal. Particular attention should be paid to the division head of hair into locks. The straighter the strands away, so will be more graceful curls.

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