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WHAT cremation

Fire - sacred power of the sulfur extracted

Man is mortal - this obvious truth for all but the biggest optimists who want to live forever.

People have developed a variety of funeral rituals, created a whole infrastructure that meets the last man's way. And the fire in this case plays a role

From the point of view of sustainability, ethical and justpersonal preferences, cremation is the best way of disposing of human mortal remains. When the body is dead, it can be buried under the ground, but it was given to the sacred fire, a cleansing effect which helps the soul to find their refuge in the monastery of eternal sorrow.

Cremation from antiquity to the present day

Cremation is derived from the Latin cremare -"Burn" or "burn". In ancient times, it was common even among primitive societies. According to one theory - that gave protection in the afterlife, and on the other - the fire was a sacred thing.
The European tradition of cremation employed inAncient Greece. In those days it was believed that burning helps the departed in the afterlife. After that, the Romans adopted this tradition. And the ashes remaining after the ceremony kept in special places - columbarium.
In Russia, in Christian times, cremation is nottoo discouraged, because it belonged to the pagan traditions. More used classic method - burial in the ground. In Western Europe, one time cremation was banned. I apply it in 785 by Charlemagne. It extends the veto about a thousand years. It was only in the eighteenth century, the tradition was revived because the cemetery could not cope with those wishing to commit to them burial. Proximity burial to homes caused epidemics and other troubles.
In 1869, the international medicalconference was officially signed the resolution, which called for the wide dissemination of cremation. Cremation today - it's a whole industry that is not enough cemeteries and land is scarce. Furthermore, it is hygienic, requires a lot of costs and overall very quickly.

Cremation is now

Today, from a religious point of view cremationIt is widely used among Hindus. There is a city of Varanasi, where it is assumed dead burn at the stake. Not always this lack of firewood, so often can be seen now as unburned corpses floating on the Ganges.
From a practical point of view, it is justifiedprocedure in all developed countries. So, for the cremation furnaces use natural gas. In rare cases, electricity. Interestingly, before the mid-twentieth century it was used coal and coke.
To ensure that the body is completely burned will take about one and a half hours. Thus, the teeth are not lost as various titanium implants, inserts and other surgical implants.

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