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What to cover the walls of a wooden house from a log from within


How to cover the walls of a wooden house from a bar from the inside</a>

For a wooden house, interior finishing is the final stage of construction.

The most popular types of arrangement can be considered interior decoration with lining, GKL, painting the walls, various styles in decoration.

Sometimes you can hear such an opinion that the interiorWooden houses of the timber does not shine with variety, and the designer's imagination is clearly lacking. But this is just a delusion. The houses built of a beam are rarely subjected to thorough finishing, for this reason they look alike. The natural look of the walls looks great - each piece of wood material has its own structure that looks great.
Houses made of wood again came into fashion, and the owners try not only to build a cozy house, but also to preserve the natural look of the material. For this you can choose from several options.

Interior of a wooden house

To choose an interior for a wooden house it is necessary asYou can carefully - the success will largely depend on the correct selection of finishing materials. With a good finish the house will look both original and stylish.

If the walls are decided to be painted, it is better to stop the choice on a primer, varnishes and paint with a water base. Coatings for walls can be tinted or protective, they are quite affordable in terms of price.

To qualitatively paint the wooden walls,Preliminary work should be carried out - it will be necessary to grind, clean the walls of tar and impurities. If objects protruding from the walls like nails or screws made of metal, you must additionally treat everything with an anticorrosive primer. In addition, processing antiseptics - from mold, fungus-fire retardant - to protect against fire. These funds are transparent and can not hide the beauty of wood.

Sometimes opaqueProtective means for walls, when it is justified by the chosen style. But more often wooden walls from a bar are processed by transparent structures to create impression of naturalness.

After the treated walls have dried,The color is applied. Usually choose acrylic paints, at least - oil. The walls can be varnished, transparent or with the addition of color. This helps to preserve the natural structure of the tree, and if the coating slightly deteriorates over time, you can always update it.

Finishing the house from the inside with a lining, gypsum board

It happens that the surface of the walls isIs terrible. Then you can finish using plasterboard or lining - it not only hides the walls, but also helps remove communications, irritating eyes, and lay under the finishing material insulation. On the front side, you can paint or dry gypsum cardboard wallpaper.
Lining is a finishing material that is able to let in air and keep heat inside the house. For the front side, you can use lacquer coatings.

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