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WHAT cover the walls of a wooden house from a bar inside

The cover wall of the wooden house from the inside bar

For wooden home interior - this is the final stage of construction.

The most popular types of arrangement can be considered as the finish from the inside using a lining, plasterboard, wall painting, a variety of styles in the decoration.

Sometimes you can hear is an opinion, that the interiorwooden houses from the beam does not shine diversity and designer fantasies he clearly lacks. But this is - just a misconception. Built of timber houses are rarely subjected to careful finishing, for this reason, they look the same. The natural look of the walls looks good - each piece of wooden material has its own structure, which looks great.
Houses made of wood again in vogue, and the owners are trying to not only make a comfortable home, but also to preserve the natural appearance of the material. To do this, you can choose from several options.

Interior of a wooden house

Choose an interior for a wooden house should be likeYou can carefully - success will largely depend on the proper selection of finishing materials. With good finishes and the House will look original and stylish.

If you decided to paint the walls, it is better to stop the choice on the primer, lacquers and paint with a water base. Wall coverings can be tinting or safety with respect to the prices they are readily available.

To qualitatively paint the wooden wall,It should be carried out preparatory work - you will need to perform polishing, cleaning the walls of tar and dirt. If the walls of the stand objects like nails or screws of metal, it is necessary to further process the all anticorrosive primer. In addition, the processing is performed with antiseptics - from mold, gribka- flame retardant - to protect against fires. These funds are transparent and can not hide the beauty of the wood.

Sometimes it can be used and opaqueprotective means for walls, when it is justified chosen style. But most of the wooden walls of the timber processed transparent compositions, to create the impression of naturalness.

Once dried the treated walls,coloring is done. Normally select acrylics, at least - oil. Walls can be covered with lacquer, transparent or with the addition of caramel. This helps to keep the natural wood structure, and if over time the coating a little spoil, it can always be upgraded.

Finishing inside the house using the lining, plasterboard

It also happens that the surface of the walls asterrible. Then you can finish with drywall or lining - is not only hides the wall, but also help to remove communication, irritating eyes, and lay a finishing material insulation. The face of the drywall can be painted or wallpapered.
Molded - finishing material capable of transmitting air and keep the heat inside the house. You can use the paint coatings to the front side.

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