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WHAT syrup 7 months the child can cough

What is cough syrup can be a child of 7 months

In children, especially in children under one year, not yet fully formed their own immunity. Therefore, they are very susceptible to colds.

Almost always they are accompanied by a cough.

If a child is sick, it needs to be treated properly.

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At the first symptoms of a cold should be treated topediatrician. The baby is very small, and he could not tell how and what was wrong with him. Therefore, to properly diagnose and prescribe treatment, need specialist consultation, tests should be returned in some cases.


Cough - a forced exhalation, whichIt is due to muscle contraction, due to receptor stimulation. Or in another way - a protective reaction of the body is designed to cleanse the airways from bacteria, viruses, and mucus. Cough can be "dry" and "wet." When dry cough sputum does not depart, for it is inherent in the nature of paroxysmal, sometimes with a whistle, appears mostly at night. When moist cough sputum stands. Usually for colds mucus begins to move away just a few days.

Before you run to the pharmacy for cough syrup for your little children of the need to determine the type of cough, "dry" or "wet". This choice depends on the syrup and its efficiency.

Treatment of cough in children under one year

Since the body of the child is different from the bodyadult, for the treatment of drugs should take into account dose and contraindications. Since not all drugs have been tested on children, in the instructions specified age limits.

A syrup or drops

Many cough medicines for children exist intwo dosage forms, drops and syrup. The active ingredients they are the same. They differ only in the presence of sugar and the amount of use at a time. One-time reception syrup - 5-15 ml and drops - 3-15 drops. The parents themselves choose what they choose to drink their children.

children's syrups

It is believed that herbs are safer thansynthetic substances. This is because they are natural. It is best to begin treatment it is with them, only some herbs may cause allergies. But there are many synthetic drugs for the treatment of cough in children who grudnichok can safely take as a treatment.

If your child is allergic to the choice of herbal syrups should be approached with caution. To begin choose monokompnentnye syrups or those which include no more than three grasses.

Their range is very large.
When dry cough:
- Dr. Mom
- Gedeliks (also available in the wet)
- Sinekod
- Prospan
When moist cough:
- Syrup of licorice
- Lasolvan child (available with 0)
- Erespal
- Bronchipret
- Phyto Stoptussin

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