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WHAT cosmetics for girls

What color cosmetics for girls

One of the most attractive items for girls - my mother's beautician.

To protect the expensive powder, lipstick and mascara, as well as not to damage the health of the child, the little girl buy their own makeup, created by taking into account the characteristics of children's skin.

The range of shops can be found shadows, blush, lipstick, lip, nail polish and other products in soft pastel shades.

The main thing - safety

When choosing cosmetics for children, pay attention toits composition. Baby creams, pomades, hair sprays should not contain mineral oils, alcohol, parabens. Responsible manufacturers are sure to inform consumers about the composition of the product and its safety for children's health. The store requires a certificate of conformity and do not buy cosmetics in shady areas - for example, in the markets. Very important and expiration dates - overdue cosmetics can exfoliate, acquire an unpleasant odor, or color change.
Girls should not use cosmetics withlarge sequins that can cause skin irritation. Avoid products based on oils, pigments and crisp. Best texture - water-based gels and creams. They do not cause itching and other uncomfortable feelings are easily applied and washed off with plain water.

Putting children's makeup

Baby Care is divided into hygienic anddecorative. The first category includes hygienic lipsticks and lip balms, talc powder, sunscreen, creams that protect against frost, moisturizing gels and emulsions for the face and hands. For decorative tools include tinted balm and lipstick, blush, eye shadow, mascara and nail polish. The girls do not use powder, creams and proofreaders - with the exception of the stage or carnival makeup.
Choose cosmetics delicate tones. Lipstick can be golden, peach or pale pink shade - very bright, with a light satin sheen. A very popular product - nail polish. The range of children's brands have not only classic pink, but bright and trendy colors - yellow, green, silver, gray, blue. The girls are very popular and special cosmetic sets, packed in plastic boxes or beautiful handbags, cosmetic bags. The composition of the sets may be different and it is always possible to add separately purchased tools.
Choose a multifunctional cosmetics. For example, toned lipstick can treat cracks on the lips, a children's spray for hair - not only to give curls shine and fix the hair, but also to protect the strands from the adverse effects of the environment. Among the colored lacquers have tools designed to wean the child to chew nails. Such cosmetics produced many of the leading perfume company.
Teach girls use cosmetics properly. Explain that the lacquer is applied only at the neatly trimmed nails, and paint can not be imposed on the unwashed face. Tell that to make up for a party, or can the matinee, but the kindergarten, school or a visit to Grandma's better to come without makeup.

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