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WHAT coolest computer race

FlatOut 2

Computer races allow gamers to get an adrenaline rush, feel and driving fast cars.

Often, players compete with each other over the network, pass the career mode.

What racing simulators allow to enjoy the cool race?

Need for Speed

Games NFS series from the appearance of the seriessimulators have become extremely popular. The manufacturer (mighty company Electronic Arts) invested in the project tens of millions of dollars. Underground subway series games mimic the fictional and real cities. Games have intuitive controls and fun career mode.
NFS: Most Wanted was the game of the new level. Add a full-fledged contender (police cars), whose goal is the capture of street racers, and which are gamers. Game servers Most Wanted still in demand by fans of the series. There in the Need for Speed ​​and fully online version - NFS: World. In this version there are adaptations of world capitals, its own social network and an abundance of prize tournaments.


Minus most NFS games - no damagemachines. Even if you're at full speed crash into the opponent car, the cars in Need for Speed ​​will tselehonkim. This problem, which has seen the gaming community has been fully resolved with the release of FlatOut series games.
If the car crashes into FlatOut rival,the latter receives a significant dent or damage. The degree of damage depends on the force of the impact: vehicle weight, speed, hit the field. In FlatOut collisions possible departure of the driver of the car, explosion or mechanical destruction of a racing car. The latter is the aim of the special "Derby" mode, in which the cars crash into each other: win the last "survivor". Because of its spectacular game FlatOut have been recognized by gamers one of the coolest racing computer.

Ford Racing

If you put at the forefront in assessingcomputer racing realism and the technical characteristics of the existing computer prototype vehicles, the Ford Racing series is rightly recognized as one of the coolest racing games. In the last game of the series, Ford Racing 3, presents the entire range of "Ford" vehicles at the time, including the historic "Model T" Henry Ford.
Also impressive variety of modes in the game FordRacing. "Career" is arranged on the principle of linear tournament, each prize (gold, silver or bronze) gives the right to the passage of the next race. During the passage of the "Career" open player SUVs, serial and racing model "Ford". The game has plenty of modes: in addition to the usual racing, it is also the route with flags and hoop, Race Shootout and harassment.

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