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How can cookies be given to children under one year of age


What kind of biscuits can be given to children under one year old?</a>

Passing in the store past the shelves with baby food, many parents want to buy a child something tasty and pampered the baby.

One of these delicacies can be considered a baby cookie.

Information on the packaging suggests that it can be given as early as 5 months.

Most pediatricians believe that in childrenBiscuits up to a year are not necessary, and this is the whim of the parents. The fact is that in the cookies for children, sugar and additives are often added, which are not needed at this age, and the biscuit can also contain gluten, which is an allergen.
But if your baby is well tolerated by many foods, you can sometimes pamper his cookies.

When to enter in a diet a cookie

According to the recommendations of the Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Science, cookies in the children's diet can be administered no earlier than 7-8 months. At maceration of cookies in milk the age of 5 months is supposed.
Cookies can be an additional sourceUseful substances and vitamins, which are not sufficient in breast milk or a mixture. If the baby's teeth are cut, the cookie will help you learn to chew and relieve itching in the gums.

Which cookies to choose

Nursing mothers and allergy sufferers oftenRecommend the cookies "Zoological" and "Maria", as the most hypoallergenic products. However, reading the composition, in addition to flour and water, you can find egg white, condensed milk and other additives that can not be called hypoallergenic.
Popular cookies "Malyshok" contains dryMilk, eggs and gluten. These products are at the forefront in the amount of allergy. Twin brothers "Malyshka" with identical composition: cookies "Grow big" and "Hippo Bondi".
More or less gentle composition of children's cookiesFrom Hipp. It does not contain eggs and food additives, refined sugar is replaced with reed sugar, and vitamin B1 is present, which is necessary for proper growth and development of the child.
Heinz cookies can also be called sparing, but it contains vanillin, which can cause allergies.
You can bake cookies yourself. However, pediatricians do not advise it, because special products are used for the production of baby cookies. In addition, at home, it is difficult to achieve consistency, melting in the mouth.

So does a child need a cookie?

Reading the composition on the packages with cookies, youAlmost everywhere you will find milk powder and gluten, which more often than all other products cause allergy in children. Many manufacturers add sugar, which can cause fermentation in the intestines, provoking bloating and unpleasant sensations.
Following the recommendations of doctors, it is not necessary to giveCookies for children under 8 months. And if you want to give him something to gnaw, it is better to replace the cookies with soaked drying or to choose a sparing cookie, having carefully studied the composition.

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