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WHAT cookies can be given to children under one year

What cookies can be given to children under one year

Walking past the shelves in the store baby food, many parents want to buy your child something delicious and treat the baby.

One of these delicacies can be considered children's biscuits.

Packaging information suggests that it may be given with longer 5 months.

Most pediatricians believe that childrenbiscuits to a year is not necessary and it is fad parents. The fact that the biscuit for children often added sugar and additives which are not necessary at this age, cookies can also contain gluten, which is an allergen.
But if your child is resistant to many products, pamper him cookies can sometimes be.

When administered in the diet of biscuits

According to the Institute of Nutrition recommendations, biscuits to the children's diet can be introduced no earlier than 7-8 months. When soaking cookies in milk may be the age of 5 months.
Cookies may be an additional source ofnutrients and vitamins, which is insufficient in milk or mixtures thereof. If the baby teeth are erupted, cookies help make it easier to learn how to chew and itching in the gums.

How to choose cookies

Nursing mothers and children with allergies oftenrecommend biscuits "Zoological" and "Maria", as the most allergenic foods. However, reading the composition, in addition to flour and water can be found where egg white, condensed milk, and other additives, which can not be called hypoallergenic.
Popular cookies "Malyshok" contains drymilk, eggs and gluten. These products are the first places on the number of allergies. Twin brothers "Baby" with identical composition: cookies "Grow Big" and "Hippo Bondi".
More or less at the child gentle composition cookiescompany Hipp. It does not contain eggs and food additives, refined sugar is replaced by the cane, and the presence of vitamin B1, required for proper growth and development of the child.
Heinz firms Cookies can also be called gentle, but its composition is present vanillin, which can cause allergies.
You can bake the cookies yourself. However, pediatricians are advised not to do so, because the special products used for the production of baby biscuits. Also at home is difficult to achieve consistency, melting in the mouth.

So if the child needs a cookie?

Reading the composition on the packages of cookies, youalmost everywhere meet milk and gluten, which more than any other foods to cause allergies in children. Many manufacturers add sugar, which can cause fermentation in the gut, triggering swelling and discomfort.
Following the recommendations of the doctors do not givebiscuits child under the age of 8 months. And if you want to give him something to chew, better to replace biscuits soaked dried or select cookies gentle, carefully study the composition.

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