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What are conversions

What is conversion

The concept of conversion - from the Latin convercio -modification, transformation - is well known to those who found the time of the former Soviet Union. It was at this time began the conversion of military production, when the country's economy, focused on the military and the defense industry, was the transition to a peacetime footing.

On the military enterprises began production of consumer goods.

Positive aspects of the conversion of the military economy

It is no secret that in the Soviet Union in the industrylargely it focused on the production of goods and equipment for military purposes. The development of light industry has been given very little attention, and that has given rise to a deficit of domestic consumer goods. After the famous Berlin Wall that separated East and West was destroyed in the literal sense, but the "iron curtain" - figuratively, before the Russian economy stood primary task of transformation and change in the structure of military production. The conversion of military production was, including, and in the transformation of the organizational, technical and technological, professional and economic.
Enterprises of military industry at the momentmost were equipped with the technological, material and instrumental terms, highly qualified specialists worked on them. It is therefore expected that the conversion will provide the population with modern appliances and goods in the shortest possible time. At the same time a big plus was the preservation of the material and technical base, human resources and employment.
Indeed, the goods produced withinconversion programs, quickly appeared on the shelves of Russian stores. These were the irons and coffee grinders, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, VCRs and even personal computers. There were also a unique model of all-terrain vehicles and off-road vehicles, prototypes of which were military vehicles.

They wanted the best

But, unfortunately, during the arms race,which was mainly the functionality and reliability of manufactured military equipment, designers did not take into account such things as ergonomics, design, style. Those conversion products, goods and technology that appeared in Russian stores, they could not compete with those who have become free to come to the market from abroad. Yes, the imported goods and technology were more expensive and, in some cases, were less reliable, but they had a modern attractive design and are much easier to use.
As a result, the goods produced by the conversion,It proved uncompetitive, and factories and enterprises working on conversion programs - bankrupt. The market economy has not allowed the state contain these companies at their own expense, they were sold and completely redeveloped, and the bulk of the work has been forced to look for new jobs and to change the profession.

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