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What contractors are different from subcontractors


How contractors differ from subcontractors</a>

The term "contractor" and "subcontractor" is most often found in the construction field.

This type of contractual relations and mutual obligations is beneficial both for the above-mentioned subjects of economic activity, and for the ultimate customer-customer.

Attraction to the work of subcontractors can improve the quality and reduce the timing of these works.

Who are contractors and subcontractors?

The contractor is that organization or enterprise,A legal entity that concludes a contract with the customer, i. Is contracting for some kind of work. By and large, the end result and the compliance of the object of contractual relations with all the requirements that are imposed on this type of product, be it an erected building or software product, are important to the customer. If the contract does not stipulate that all types of work will be carried out only by the contractor's forces, it has the right to involve third parties, other enterprises, which in this case will be subcontractors, in their performance.
Construction, and many other typesActivities, are licensed, i.e. To perform a certain type of construction and installation work requires a special permit, obtained after joining a self-regulatory construction organization. To obtain this certificate, the company must have the necessary number of certified specialists who have this qualification, as well as special equipment for this type of work.
Because the construction process includesA lot of different technologically isolated types of work, the contractor may not have an admission to perform each of them. In this case, it is advisable to employ one or more subcontractors with tolerances for those types of work for which there is no formal authorization from the contractor. The subcontractor, having the admission, qualified specialists and special equipment, performs the work assigned to him in accordance with an additional contract of subcontracting.

Contractual relations with subcontracting

The main contract, according to whichThe work is done, the one that is between the customer and the contractor. It is the contractor who is fully responsible for the obligations that are prescribed in this document. Only he is responsible to the customer for the fulfillment of the terms of the contract and the conformity of the object to the established norms and rules. The difference between him and the subcontractor is that all the guarantees are provided by the contractor and all responsibility, administrative and financial, is assigned to him.
In turn, between the contractor andSubcontractor also includes a separate contract of subcontract, which is subject to the same standards as established by the Civil Code of the Russian Federation for contractor's contracts. He, like any contract, determines the financial responsibility for non-fulfillment of contractual obligations, stipulates the composition, timing and cost of works performed.

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