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What is included in the concept of the enterprise details

What is included in the concept of the enterprise details

Any company - a legal entity carrying outits direct activities, interact with other businesses and citizens, which are both legal and natural persons. For this interaction is necessary to identify the enterprise, so it can be uniquely found among others, registered in the state register of enterprises.

This can be done by knowing its details, and general banking.

General details of the company

The general details include all informationenterprise in which his business partners, as well as any other legal entities and individuals can identify it. These details include the full and abbreviated company name, legal form, and, if so, the name of the parent organization.

All bank details have their transcript, and each digit in them has its own meaning. This transcript can be found on the special directories.

In an overview of the Company and are includedinformation about state registration, confirming the legitimacy of the company. This group of information may include the date of the state registration number of the certificate on state registration of legal entities, the main state registration number (BIN) and, if necessary, the name of the body, where the registration has been made. This body is the territorial division of the State Tax Inspectorate, where the undertaking put on record.

Such props as BIN code must also be indicated in all documents of the legal entity along with its name.

And, of course, another important requisite islegal and actual address of the enterprise, as well as his contact numbers, email address and website URL, if any, position, surname and initials of the head.

Bank details of the company

The concept of "enterprise requisites" also includesdetails of the bank account to be opened in any of the legal entity for the implementation of non-cash financial transactions, as well as for transfer and write-offs of cash. The list of bank details, except for the name of the company include:
- The estimated number dvadtsatiznachny scheta-
- Name of the bank with reference to their mestopolozheniya-
- BIC Bank - a unique nine-digit bank identification code that is assigned to him Tsentrobankom-
- Dvadtsatiznachny correspondent account - a special account, also assigned to the Central Bank.

Company details are specified on its letterhead, and partly - by printing.

For bank details are asTaxpayer Identification Number - TIN and CRR and codes of Enterprise. CAT - a nine-digit code of registration, code OKPO determined type of activity carried out by this company.

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