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WHAT is conformal behavior


What is conformal behavior?</a>

Conformal behavior is one of the most common terms in social psychology.

It is used to refer to situations where a person renounces his or her opinion, his own individuality for the sake of others.

Characteristics of conformal behavior

The essence of conformal behavior lies in theThe desire of man to imitate others in everything. As a rule, this applies even to situations in which the group has adopted standards of conduct that are contrary to generally accepted norms. For example, a schoolchild, imitating a group of his classmates, can begin to smoke, offend younger ones or allow other actions that are condemned by society. He completely adopts the way of life of people who are in his main circle of communication, and abandons his habits and tastes. Conformal behavior is especially pronounced when a person changes his appearance, including clothes and hair, in order to look like others, even if the new look is contrary to his tastes.
Conformal behavior can have severalReasons. Most often it is chosen by people who do not want to face problems. They seek to gain authority, or at least protect themselves from the condemnation of others, in everything adjusting to them and completely submitting to someone else's opinion. There is, however, another option: a person can adapt, obey the rules of the group to achieve any goal.
Conformity behavior is generally considered to beAcceptable only if it helps a person get rid of addictions and traits, accepting the correct opinion of the majority. In general, the most successful option is the use of only some elements of conformal behavior, provided that a person retains his or her individuality. This allows him to remain himself and at the same time maintain a good relationship with others.

Types of conformal behavior

There are two main types of conformalBehavior - internal and external. In the first case, we are talking about situations where the opinion of a group of people is taken for their own opinion. In the second, it only outwardly adheres to certain limits adopted in a particular society-for example, it uses clothes that are worn and respects special etiquette.
There are also three additional types of conformalBehavior. The first is submission, when a person fulfills the requirements only externally, and the group's influence on it is limited to one particular situation. The second is identification, when people begin to resemble others, strictly observe the rules of behavior and expect it from others. The third is internalization, i.e. A complete coincidence of the system of values, tastes, preferences of the person and the representatives of the group.

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