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WHAT conformal behavior

What is the behavior of a conformal

Conformal behavior - this is one of the most common terms of social psychology.

It is used to refer to situations where a person withdraws his opinion, most of their individuality for the sake of others.

Feature conformal behavior

The essence of the conformal behavior isHuman striving to imitate others. As a rule, this applies even to situations where the group accepted standards of behavior contrary to the generally accepted standards. For example, a student, imitating some group of their classmates may start smoking, or to offend younger prevent other acts which are condemned by society. It completely takes over the lifestyle of the people within its core social circle, and waives his habits and tastes. Conformal behavior is particularly pronounced when a person changes its appearance, including clothing and hairstyle to look like the others, even if the new face of contrary to his tastes.
In conformal behavior may be somewhatreasons. Most often it is chosen for himself the people who do not want to deal with the problems. They seek to achieve credibility, or at least protect themselves from judging others, around adapting to them and completely submitting to another's opinion. There is, however, another option: a person can adapt to obey the rules of the group to achieve any goal.
Conformal behavior is generally consideredacceptable only if it helps the person to get rid of bad habits and traits, taking the correct view of the majority. In general, the most successful variant - is the use of only certain elements of the conformal behavior under the condition that the person retains its individuality. This allows him to be himself and still maintain a good relationship with others.

Types conformal behavior

There are two main types of conformalbehavior - internal and external. In the first case we are talking about situations where the opinion of a group of people receives their own opinions. In the second it is only superficially adheres to the framework adopted in a particular society - for example, uses the clothes usually worn, observe special etiquette.
There are also three additional types of conformalbehavior. The first - submission, when a person meets the requirements only in appearance, and the influence of the group it is limited to one particular situation. The second - the identification, when people begin to act like one, strictly follow the rules of behavior and wait for it from others. Third - internalization, ie full coincidence of values, tastes, preferences, rights and representatives of the group.

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