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WHAT composition of the novel Eugene Onegin

Tatiana and Onegin

The novel in verse by Alexander Pushkin"Eugene Onegin" was published in separate chapters for several years. The author himself called his novel "The Assembly of Heads of colorful" and, at the end of the first chapter, admitted that he wrote it without a plan and do not want to correct the numerous contradictions.

Nevertheless, the novel composition is characterized by a deep forethought, clarity and logical conclusion.

What is the composition of the novel "Eugene Onegin"
The main reception in the structure of the novel compositionsit is a mirror symmetry. In the development of the storyline characters as though reversed. First, Tatiana falls in love with Onegin, and suffers from unrequited love. Onegin, after receiving a letter from her with recognition, giving the girl a pretty brutal rebuff. The author accompanies the heroine, her sincere sympathy. This is followed by a duel between Onegin and Lensky - an event that interrupts a love line to subsequently present it in a mirror image. At a meeting in St. Petersburg, Tatyana and Onegin are reversed. Now Eugene wrote her letter of confession, and now he is ready to fall at the feet of a proud society lady, and Tatyana rejects him. In this situation, the author is close to Onegin. Here can be seen the annular structure of the composition, allowing the reader to return to the past and to create the impression of a novel stage.

The ring structure of the composition

The ring composition reveals changesoccurred in the characters of the central characters. If Onegin at the beginning of the novel, leaving the Upper Light remains a "secular bum" is not able to fill their leisure time either reading or creativity, in the last chapter he appears before the reader a well-read, thinking man, almost become a poet. In addition, if at the beginning of Eugene feels jaded, tired of life and not able to experience deep feelings, then by the end it turns into a passionate love.
Tatiana, becoming a fine lady, in my heart remainsformer naive and sincere country girl. However, now she is proud, reserved, does not allow the will of the emotions and not allow himself to commit reckless acts.


Another important feature of the compositionnovel - the presence of many lyrical digressions. In them, the author opens the curtain on the history of the novel, describes his character, gives a broad panorama of the cultural life of the capital, and then, in contrast, shows an idyllic picture of rural life, painting landscapes of Central Russian poetry, it tells the story of rural manners and customs.
All of the compositional techniques allowthe author not only to state, in essence, simple plot, but also show a broad picture of Russian life, to distance themselves from annoying literary canon and, as a result, create a harmonious, whole and complete work.

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