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WHAT compilation

What is the compilation

Compilation - an ambiguous term, originally born in the literary field.

He then transformed into music and computer programming.

So in our time compilation is widespread.

Translated from the Latin concept of the compilation soundsserious than plagiarism term that refers to the theft. Compiling the Latins neither more nor less - robbery. In fact, the compilation does not involve any criminal acts. Rather, it is a useful tool for transformation.

Generally compilation - Disambiguation. And if the first two of its values ​​(literary and musical) are similar to each other in the basis, the third (from the field of computer programming) stands alone.


Literary compilation

The underlying type of compilation. Most widely used in popular scientific and other kinds of educational literature.
Literary compilation should not be confused withliterary plagiarism. Its use is not intended to assign someone else's authorship, but is simplistic perception of the availability of specific information for the reader.

The principle of compiling the text is simple enough. Suppose you want to convey to the reader very specific, comprehensive information available to the full perception of only highly qualified specialists in this field. This is where the compiler takes on the case. In a situation where there are already many articles that affect certain aspects of certain subjects, his task is to make digestible selection of these materials and intelligently generate from it an integral text.

For example, in the Soviet era, thus created textbooks on Marxism-Leninism. There is also a literary compilation include various literary anthologies.


Music compilation

The principle of creating a music compilation essentiallyis the same as the literary. The only difference is that there is not already on the literary and musical works. And the goal is pursued different. Perhaps - promoting musical direction, it is possible - the creation of a new original work based on the old.

The most striking example of the music compilation canserve medley - a piece of music, composed of fragments of other songs. The most widely used today have a medley based on pop and brass music, although popular classical music is alien to them.

To compile the music also include various music collections.


Computer compilation

This relatively new type of compilation hasnothing to do with the previous two. In the role of the compiler here is not a person but a computer program. The process of compiling the following. A set of commands written in a programming language, understandable to man, but do not understand the computer processor. To the processor was able to understand them, the team must be translated into machine language converted into machine code. This task and performs electronic compiler.

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