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What is a communiqué </a>

Diplomacy is the basis of international relations.

Consuls and other representatives of states have to collect information about the host country and bring their government's decisions to its leadership.

One of the important tools of politicians and diplomats is a communiqué.

History of appearance

In modern politics andThe communiqués understand the documented list of arrangements / requirements and key provisions. A "joint communique" is also a firm expression, as communiqué is often the result of the activities of politicians and diplomats of several countries at international conferences.
The very first prototypes of the communiqué are dated 6Thousands of years BC. And are the fruit of the efforts of Egyptian diplomats - scribes. They were composed in the presence of the kings of different parts of Egypt and were "the agreement of the gods" (the pharaoh in Egypt was considered the son of the sun god Ra).
It should be noted that the widespread development of the communiquéReceived in the XX century, with the development of democracy and the media. Monarchs solved most of the issues in face-to-face meetings, they did not need broad public support for this. Modern politicians and public figures are representatives of social strata, so they often need to appeal to society.

Media and communique

Modern science refers to the communiqueFormal-business style. Journalists consider the communiqué one of the versions of the press release. Definitely, you can find similarities: this is an official document reporting the decision of the council of several organizations (countries). In addition, the communiqué is, in most cases, subject to publication.

The Charter of Liberty

One of the models of the communiqué can be consideredCompiled by representatives of the English nobility and King John the Landless "Magna Carta". The Charter sets out the basic agreements between the feudal lords and the British monarchs, in particular, it is prescribed to abolish any taxes and duties other than those prescribed by law.
Many mistakenly believe this documentConstitution, but more accurately consider the "Charter of Liberty" communique, leading to its creation. The Charter was not a law, but it influenced the creation of the British Constitution. The document was written in the "dead language of theologians" - Latin. We can say that the Charter, which is not an official contract, has become such because of the lack of other documents of this level. This trend is often met in diplomacy so far - the communiques that are not international agreements can become such, due to special circumstances.

How to compose a communiqué

For the compilation of the communiqué, theBriefly and clearly state the state of affairs on a specific issue, whether summarizing the summit, a conference or a business meeting. If communiqués are going to be published in the media, two obligatory conditions must be fulfilled. First, the topic of the communiqué must be socially significant (otherwise its compilation was meaningless work). Secondly, the communiqué should be placed in relevant (with appropriate audience) publications.

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