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Costume contest - a popular New Year's entertainment

New Year's Eve people at all times attached great importance.

The sign "How Year meet, so spend it," there is a very long time. Therefore Christmas party should be fun, interesting and, of course, peace.

Will help you to games, contests, quizzes and other entertainment.

Holiday should not be an official

Much depends on what company youspend party. But in any case it is better to write at least a rough script and choose a leader. In the script you can include the traditional Christmas entertainment - fun quizzes and charades, songs and poetry contests. If you have a friendly company where everybody knows each other well, you can prepare a hilarious film about what each of you did in the past year. It can be a documentary, art, animation. The main thing - the film should not be offensive to anyone of the party members. It is possible to introduce the participants in the form of fairy-tale characters, heroes of popular TV series, etc.


On New Year's Eve can be arranged as a traditionalgames, and invented by the participants. The youth of the company, if it is having a party outdoors or in a large room, having fun are all those popular at all times popular games like "trickle" or "witch". But nothing prevents a mobile game to come up with themselves. Rules it should be simple and understandable. Traditional New Year's entertainment - dance. This does not necessarily walk in a circle, singing songs about the Christmas tree. You can make a game "wicket", "Cat and Mouse" and many others. Games, of course, need to be alternated with a banquet and dancing. There are also games that can last all night. For example, you can distribute to participants halved postcards and offer to find his mate. The postcard can be written and creative task.

Quizzes and charades

In a small room can be made a quiz. They have to be comic. You can, for example, choose funny quotes from movies or well-known literary works. For each good answer you can give the participant forfeit, and the one who will get more than just a phantom, in the end give a gift. Usually very well go and charades, and simple puzzles. they should be quite complex, but at the same time in an adult of ingenious.


To the party was fun enoughtwo or three interesting competitions. They require some training. For example, you can prepare several large sheets of paper and invite them to dance couples waltz or tango, but so that the sheets were left intact as possible. You can arrange a competition for the best little animals from a balloon, is the most fun origami, the most beautiful snowflake. Such competitions are well run and in the nursery, and in adult company. Just do not forget that no one can spoil the holiday mood, so each participant should receive for their work a small prize.

Songs, dances, magic tricks

Over the New Year's table, and you can sing. Well, if there is a pianist, accordionist and guitarist. But even if the musicians in the company does not, nothing will prevent you to arrange an amateur concert. Singing can and karaoke. Pick and print the lyrics popular in your company. Give the participants - to sing like a lot, but the words do not remember everything. On New Year's party will look great and tricks, even the most unpretentious.

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