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What colors are relevant spring

In spring fashion pastels

Spring - a time of awakening and renewal.

This should apply not only to nature but also of your wardrobe.

Use the fashion trends in your way to be a bright, fresh and stylish.



In the spring of this season in the fashion delicate shades: muffled, clean pink, mint green, pale lilac. Use these colors together or separately in its image and you will look fashionable and fresh. The advantage of a range of colors not only in actuality. Delicate shades and are well-suited to blondes and brunettes and women are permissible in the wardrobes of almost all ages.


Notice the combination of black conciseand white. Perhaps you will say that over the winter tired of monochrome, but the spring collections have prepared something special: unusual prints, bold combinations do not allow your ensemble look dull. And adding colorful accessories, you put a bright accent and create a stylish image.


Admit to your wardrobe with a metallic luster. Although, if you're a fan of fashion and follow the latest trends, things with glitter in gold, silver, copper and colored glimmers already have in your closet from last season. So, the good news is that this trend is relevant, and this spring.


Create an image of pastel colors. Taking a palette of pale gray, brown, sand and pale purple, you will create a sophisticated ensemble and will be at the height of fashion. It is in these colors stylists advise to celebrate the coming of spring. Be fully prepared and match the fashion trends.


If you're a fan of fashion, with the advent of the newseason changes must occur not only in your wardrobe, but also in the make-up that you do. Pay attention to the color of your lipstick. Juicy berry shades are relevant this spring. It is also worth to buy an orange tone to the lips. Do not rush to say that you do not go this shade, it is important to simply find their flavor.


Bright matte shadow of pure, undiluted colors,for example, blue, dark blue, pink, yellow and green can be seen on the faces of women of fashion this spring. The most courageous person, who did not know what color to give preference to make trendy eye makeup, which includes almost all the colors of the rainbow.


Pink and blue are relevant and hairstyle. If you want to be fashionable and modern, buy crayons or bystrosmyvayuschiesya hair dye. Handle color cosmetics is only a few strands. Create a fancy way of spring.


About luster metals mentioned in the discussionfashionable colors for clothes. Now it should be noted that this trend is permissible and even desirable for makeup. In particular, gold paint, you can emphasize the eyebrows or the upper and lower eyelids.

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