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What colors are pastel tones

Called soft pastel colors prishlushennye

Initially, these groups pastel art materials that are painted on textured surface. In the same term denotes, and the work itself.

These materials provide a soft and gentle muted color, which is also called pastel.

How does a pastel color?

The word "pastel" derives from the Latin pasta,which means "dough." The material itself is of three types - oily, waxy and dry. In the art shop you can find any of them. Paints, still in the box, appear bright, but if you start to draw, you will see that the image is bright and gentle. And soft and muted strokes are obtained even by the brightest crayons. This is the pastel colors.

How to obtain pastel colors?

The need to obtain pastel colors onpractice occurs quite often. For example, during repair, when you want to room seem bigger and brighter. Pastel color can be obtained from any paint. For the experiment, take a gouache. Put in a separate container a little base paint (green, blue, black, brown). Start adding white. The more white paint - the lighter shade. So you get a light brown, gray, light green, light blue, that is, those colors that are in use most often referred to as pastel. Even if you take the red paint, using whitewash easily turn it into a pale pink. In the same way it can be mixed and oil paint. As for watercolors, when this technique the pastel tone can be obtained by adding more water.

Warm and cool colors

Like any other pastel colors are divided intowarm and cold. To warm pastel tones are pink, beige, purple with a predominance of pink, light yellow, light orange. Cool pastel colors - light green, light blue, some shades of gray, purple with a predominance of blue.
If you intend to use pastel colorsfor decoration, keep in mind that these colors visually expand the space. In addition, note the connection between visual and tactile receptors in humans. Room with walls painted in warm pastel colors, and itself seems warmer. If we talk about the human figure, some pastel colors visually increase its size.

Mutual influence of colors

Pastel colors are not always combined with otherflowers. It is important to know if you are going to, for example, to model the clothes, making jewelry out of cold porcelain or fond of patchwork sewing. Conduct an experiment. Take a light yellow or beige scarf and try on it with bright blue or bright red dress. With blue pastel color will appear brighter than it is, with a bright red - even more lackluster. Experiment with different combinations of pastel and bright colors to find the most successful combination thereof.

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