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WHAT is a colorless powder

What is a colorless powder

Among the decorative cosmetic powder it is one of the leading places. It gives the skin a velvety, fixes make-up and masks defects.

A colorless powder is one of the favorite past innovations in the cosmetics market.



Colourless (transparent) powder isfor fixing makeup, matting, highlights the desired areas of the skin and give it a healthy glow. Such a powder, like a veil, forms an invisible layer that does not alter the color tonal framework. Due to the content in the powder of tiny reflective particles applied makeup will not make the person flat and lifeless.


Transparent powder have goodabsorbent qualities, does not clog pores and are ideal for oily skin, although it does not hide its redness and imperfections. In addition, a colorless powder suitable for any complexion and fine hides fine lines.


A small minus - relatively difficult to powderuse, and the main thing is not to overdo it with the application. If to be a photo shoot, colorless powder is better not to use, or do so minimally, otherwise the flash will turn even the most beautiful makeup to the face, "floured".


Transparent powder is usually available in the form ofcrumbly powder. They need to put a big fluffy brush over make-up. Please type the powder on the brush, then gently push it to the back of his hand and then proceed to the application of powder on the face.


The best known is the MAC transparent powderPrep + Prime transparent finishing powder. This product is popular as conventional shoppers, and the stars of show business. You can find more budget analogues, for example, transparent powder by Shiseido brands or Essence.

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