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What color to choose wallpaper for the bedroom?

What color to choose wallpaper for the bedroom?

The color of the wallpaper in the interior sets the tone for the atmosphere of the room.

And why it is so important to take a responsible approach to the choice of colors for the bedroom wallpaper.

It is in this room, a man charged with energy, a break from the bustle and enjoy a sense of comfort.

The design of the bedrooms there are no trifles, howwill competently organized space, depends on the quality of sleep a person. Like any other corner of the house, bedroom must be beautiful, the color of the wallpaper not only affects the mood of the residents of apartment, but also in the choice of textiles, interior decorations. Picking the right color of the wallpaper, you can visually expand the bedroom, enlarge it or hide the shortcomings of planning, uneven walls.

Colors wallpaper for bedroom

According to the teachings of Feng Shui, the bedroom should belight colors that will give a positive mood and create heat. This cheerful shades, but not too bright and distracting. For bedrooms optimally suited cream, soft yellow or green. They will help the person regain strength, to forget about the bustle and tune in to sleep.

For a bedroom is not recommended to choose a pure white color, it will make the room look like a hospital ward.

For a healthy sleep, and you can select the wallpapermuted tones with an ornament, ornaments. For example, with floral print and flying butterflies. Lulled capable of ivory, beige. In addition, these colors make the room visually more spacious.
In the bedroom you can combine wallpaper in different colors, for this most vibrant shade or print, a Mural at the head of the bed to fall asleep, the home owner is not distracted at bedtime.

Unusual solutions for bedroom

If in the bedroom low ceilings, using the right shade of wallpaper can be visually pull up the room. For this wallpaper if flow from the walls to the ceiling, achieving the desired effect.
Well relax all shades of blue in the bedroom,they help to slightly darken the room, so in that dim light is easier to fall asleep. Natural colors - green, woody - relieve tension, and brown creates an atmosphere of comfort.
For the women's bedrooms, you can use a muted pink or lilac, you should not experiment with red, orange, bright purple. They act on the nervous system stimulant.

Always a winner in the bedroom look gold, emerald, silver, and other difficult colors.

To finish vintage style chosen wallpaperstrip, the best fit for this embodiment with strips related tones, but not too contrasting combinations. Originally look textured wallpaper type, in which case they should be self-colored, so as not to overload the interior.

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