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What color to choose curtains

What color to choose curtains

Curtains - decor elements, allowing dramatically change the appearance of the premises.

Matched to a certain color scheme, theywill help make the room more light or dark, visually expand the space or, conversely, to narrow it, and if necessary - to focus attention on the windows.

Basic color selection rules

You can pick up the curtains in the color of furniture or walls. If the room is a lot of colors, and you do not know what to combine curtains, draperies to pick the fabric, the color coincides with the color of a major subject of furniture (kitchen facade, a large sofa, rug, etc.).
Homeowners, doubting in theirdesign capabilities, we can recommend a stay at the fashionable neutral tones (beige, cream or sand). In this case, you can easily change the mood and style of a room without changing the curtains.
To draw attention to the window, for example, toto divert attention from other, not the most successful side of the interior, choose curtains of bright colors. It is better to give preference to a cell tissue, or a strip with various patterns. To unite with bright curtains, interior components are made from the same fabric cushions, upholstery of chairs, cloth, shade and so. D.
Soften interior polychrome help brightplain curtains. To create a monochrome interior necessarily hang curtains, exactly matching the color of the other textile, fabric can take a close shade.

The white color in its purest form is too aggressive, so it should soften the addition of coffee, pink, beige, or other colors.

Curtain color and size of the room

With the help of colors curtains, you can visuallychange the size of the room. So, to create the effect of approximation and increase the window curtains fit in colors from yellow to purple-red. The colors making up the cold color palette, on the contrary, visually postpone object. A similar effect is achieved if the window drape curtains of blue, pearl, pale green, lavender and other similar shades.

Curtain color and purpose premises

In the bedroom, which is an area forrecreation, better to choose curtains muted tones that do not interfere with relaxation. Bright colors only valid for accessories. Calming effect has nice green, pearl gray and cream tones.

If the room is a lot of furniture made of natural wood, it is appropriate to shuttered windows of light organza.

The color scheme of the kitchen curtains depends on the styleinterior. Style of "country" implies a cage, pastel stripes or floral designs. Style "high-tech" match minimalist cool shade curtains. Classic style will emphasize a monochromatic fabric of a suitable color or two-, three-colored checkered or striped. Main web dishes usually selected light that provides access to the sun and it fully depends on the framing hosts taste.

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