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How to choose the colors of the curtains


What color to choose curtains</a>

Curtains - an element of decor, which allows you to radically change the appearance of the room.

Selected in a certain color range, theyWill help to make the room more light or dark, visually expand the space, or, on the contrary, narrow it, and if necessary - focus on the windows.

Basic rules for choosing colors

You can choose curtains for the color of furniture or walls. If there are many colors in the room, and you do not know what to combine curtains for, choose a cloth for draperies that matches the color of a large piece of furniture (kitchen façade, large sofa, carpet, etc.).
Homeowners who have doubts about theirDesign abilities, you can recommend to stay on trendy neutral tones (beige, cream or sand). In this case, you can easily change the mood and style of the room without changing the curtains.
To draw attention to a window, for example, with the purpose ofDistract attention from another, not the most successful side of the interior, choose curtains of bright colors. It is better to give preference to tissues in a cage, strip or with a variety of patterns. To rally the interior components with bright curtains, make cushions, upholstery of chairs, table cloth, lamp shade, etc. from the same fabric.
To soften the polychrome interior will help brightMonochrome curtains. To create a monochrome interior, you do not need to hang curtains that match exactly with the color of the other textiles, you can take a cloth of a similar shade.

White color in its pure form is too aggressive, so it should be softened by adding coffee, pink, beige or other colors.

Curtain color and room size

Using the color scheme of curtains can visuallyChange the size of the room. So, to create the effect of approaching and increasing the window, curtains in the color range from yellow to violet-red are suitable. The colors that make up the cold color palette, on the contrary, visually distract the object. A similar effect will be achieved if the drape is draped with blue, pearl, gently-green, lavender and other similar shades.

Color of curtains and purpose of the room

In the bedroom, which is the territory forRest, it is better to choose curtains of muffled tones that will not interfere with relaxation. Bright colors are only allowed for accessories. A soothing effect has pleasant green, pearly and creamy-gray tones.

If the room is a lot of furniture made of natural wood, it will be appropriate to curtain the windows with a light organza.

The color scheme of curtains in the kitchen depends on the styleInterior. The style of "country" involves a cage, a pastel strip or floral ornament. Style "high-tech" corresponds to minimalist curtains of cold shade. Classical style will emphasize a monophonic fabric of suitable color or two-, three-color in a cell or strip. The main canvas of the kitchen, as a rule, is chosen light, which provides access to the sun, and its frame completely depends on the taste of the owners.

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