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What color lipstick says about a woman? Dark shades

What does the color of lipstick a woman? Dark shades

Popular tests are ready to talk about your character on the smallest of its manifestations - as you say, on what side of sleep and even to what you prefer shades of lipstick.

Brown lipstick

Lipstick brown shades chosen confidentconfident woman of conservative temperament. By the way, the darker shades of brown using the woman, the more it underlines its authoritarian features in the eyes of others. About the image of a woman can say that she is seeking a lot in life, especially in areas related to the management of people. This person clearly sees his goal and moving toward her. Therefore, if you want to create the impression of an iron lady, it is worth paying attention to the brown lipstick.

Burgundy, dark brown, dark purple lipstick shades

It's your favorite color women with nerves of steel,who like to attract the attention of others. Usually, this lipstick in their appearance combined with unusual and even outrageous things: hair, clothes and accessories. But it is also the case that the lipstick attracts the eye is used to mask the timid, half-hearted women who are hesitant to show their identity. But they are such a lipstick as long as they meet in life support - a strong and reliable man, which no lipstick does not scare.

Dark pencil

Women who love to emphasize the catchy looplips, look pretty energetic. It creates an image of aggressive and powerful persons, who love and know how to make a career, never miss an opportunity to take a higher place. They like to attract attention and know exactly what they are good at it. Usually, their actions managed by the naked calculation and cold reason. Such women are not going to compromise, it is difficult to get along with them.

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