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What color is combined with dark gray

What color is combined with dark gray

Gray par with the black and white is universal. Complemented bright calm tones, you can use a gray color for casual and office wear.

In combination with the bright colors of the clothes of gray make a good festive attire.

Gray - the middle between black and white. It is neutral in terms of emotion. Many people avoid the gray clothes, for fear nicknamed "gray mouse" or merge with the "gray mass". But it can easily be used as a base, adding a gray clothing with bright accessories.

Dark gray color in the interior

Interior designers love the gray color of his ability to make other colors are brighter on your background. Depending on the shade of gray, it can be used for a bedroom, kitchen, hallway or living room.
Stylish looks painting one wall in a color different from the color of the rest of the walls. Dark gray color is perfect for this purpose. Wall graphite color brightly allocate sofa, standing on her background.
In a couple of dark gray color should choose rich purple, fuchsia, bright orange or yellow. In combination with brown dark gray can create a secluded room.
But the black furniture and an abundance of red, cherry, burgundy colors on a dark gray wall should be avoided. The interior will be too dark.

Dark gray clothing

Many people associated with grayfading, modest and nondescript. But this color has one huge advantage - it goes well with almost all other colors and has a lot of shades. The darker the gray, the more the emphasis should be.
Dark gray + white or red. This is a classic combination that can beat both in everyday and in festive attire.
Grey + Yellow. These two colors will be a very resilient set. Yellow color on gray background sparkle brighter.
Gray + Pink. This combination is suitable real romance. If you choose pink color in rich shades of fuchsia, in the amount of a dark gray can get a great festive option.
Grey + Purple. This duo will emphasize the refined taste and sophisticated nature of man.
Grey + Green. The combination of colors, which is present in nature and pleasing to the eye. Instead, green tea can also be used.
Grey + Blue. From these two colors can make a discreet office suite. And if you replace the blue turquoise, get bright refreshing outfit.
Choosing clothes gray color, it is difficult to make a mistake, because it is suitable for everyone. Dark shades of gray can easily replace the black color in the wardrobe, the image of the person in this case will look softer.

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