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Which color is in vogue in spring 2014

Trendy shades of pink

With the approach of spring, designers have preferred attire of rich and saturated colors.

In 2014 spring designer collectionIt was not as bright as last year. Not surprisingly, the classic black and white is still occupy a leading position. As for the color shades in the spring of 2014 became fashionable seven juicy and rich colors.

1. Bright red: strawberry, raspberry and cherry shades. Clothing of this color should charge the energy and fruit and berry shades can give the image of a positive attitude.

2. The bright blue color: turquoise and azure hues. The blue color is due to its luxury and depth is considered to be royal. Such clothing will be able to inspire and reassure, recall the imminent approaching holidays and the azure sea.

3. Green: emerald and aquamarine tint. Clothes these colors are always associated with spring and greens. Latest images of large and bright flowers on a background of quiet background.

4. Yellow: lemon color. This citrus color reminiscent of the sun, whose rays warm. This bright clothes is able to give its owner confidence and courage.

5. Orange: tangerine shade. Clothing that color already is catching on is not the first season. As you know, orange is able to improve mood and is an excellent antidepressant.

6. Coral color. This exotic flowers have the liking of the girls who value freedom. This shade looks elegant clothes and gives its owner a certain mystique.

7. Pink color: pale pink hue. Such clothing is able to give softness, balance and sensitivity, even the most fatal kind. This option is perfect for meetings.

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