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What type of coffee there

Find a favorite brand of coffee - is not easy. Specialty stores selling organic coffee offer a choice of a huge number of varieties.

But an inexperienced lover's hard not to get lost in this diversity.

What is the basis of any kind of coffee?

It is difficult to give an exact number of coffees. There is a misconception that there are two main types of coffee - Arabica and Robusta. But this is not the variety of coffee and varieties of coffee trees. Arabica and Robusta - the two most popular species of coffee trees, which are grown on a commercial scale. From the fruit of these trees create a variety of coffees.
Arabica gives the drink a unique brightaroma, Robusta makes it invigorating due to high concentration of caffeine content. Arabica grains have an elongated shape and a smooth surface. The higher above sea level is rising coffee tree, the more expensive its fruit. Robusta grains have a round shape and gray-green or light brown color.
There is less known species of coffee tree - Liberica. Its grain is quite poor quality, so they are almost never used to create coffees.

The most famous coffees

Often referred to as manufacturers coffees by growing countries.
Of the grains grown in Africa, popular varieties of Ethiopia and Kenya. Ethiopia has a delicate floral aroma, Kenya has a pronounced citrus flavor.
Varieties that have appeared in Central and South America: Colombia - with a hint of plum and light kislinkoy- Costa Rica - a tart taste and persistent aromatom- Brazil - with a slight bitterness and a pleasant aromatom- Guatemala - tart rich coffee with a touch of dyma- Nicaragua - with a pleasant poslevkusiem- Honduras - with a pronounced flavor - Maragogype Nicaragua - with the largest grain and unusual taste.
The most famous varieties of Indonesia: Sumatra - an intense coffee flavor with a touch of spetsiy- Java - with spicy rich taste and low kislotnostyu- Sulawesi - with rich bright taste and acidity.
The taste of coffee and roasting influences. When roasted Viennese drink will have a slight bitterness. When French roast coffee will be bitter with creamy taste. The most intense drink with a pronounced bitter grains obtained from the Italian roasting.

Rare varieties of gourmet coffee

AvstraliyaSkayberi - an exotic type of coffee delivered from the end of the world.
Yemen Matari - coffee with a rich taste, and chocolate aftertaste. This variety is very rare and prestigious.
Galapagos - a rare type of coffee of the highest quality, which is produced in small quantities on the island of San Cristobal.
Vilcabamba, Ecuador - unusually mild coffee with a unique flavor.
Monsund Malabar - monsoon coffee vysokoo of quality, has a special taste.
Jamaica Blue Mountain - one of the most expensive and rare varieties in the world.
Kopi Luwak - coffee with a mild, subtle flavor. This is one of the most expensive exotic varieties.
Buy the best coffee beans - they are an indicator of product quality. Fresh quality coffee has fragrant oily whole grains without chipping.

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