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WHAT coaxial speakers

What coaxial speakers

Coaxial Speakers is most often used in cars.

It is a system, which is divided into three bands of high, medium and low frequency.

Additional columns are placed on the same axis with the main speaker, if necessary, which usually operates at low or middle audio frequency.

Principle of operation

Coaxial Speakers realized througha capacitor that acts as a pass filter for separating the sound ranges of high and low frequency. Using a capacitor instead of the other filters allows for a lower cost for such devices, while maintaining a decent sound quality. Typically, a two-frequency coaxial speakers, but sometimes used and three-frequency devices in the presence of the speaker that plays sound on a center frequency.

Pros coaxial speakers

When installing an inexpensive audio systemsthe car is better to install coaxial speakers, because as she plays the same standard component systems, but at a cost significantly lower than coaxial speakers. Also, the sound quality of music can determine the location of coaxial speakers and the sound source location in the car. In combination with the acoustic component and coaxial speakers are set to provide a sound back-seat.

These speakers are installed in the doors and on the rear shelf car trunk.

The advantage of the coaxial speakers alsois its ease of installation. Component systems require compliance with certain rules during installation, since each of the sound sources is autonomous and must be placed in accordance with special rules and with the application of acoustic zones. More often than not require the production of special shelves for the columns and creating additional sound insulation, as well as the purchase of additional equipment for sound amplification. Coaxial speakers do not require enhanced radio, the cost of which can also be quite high. Connect the audio component to the strong weak radio is useless and will not give the desired improvement in sound quality.

Coaxial Speakers often used in small cars.

Cons coaxial systems

Among the disadvantages of coaxial systems notestheir relatively poor sound quality compared to the full-fledged component systems. This is due to the fact that different frequency sound from one speaker is - in the mixed frequency sound, which has a negative influence on the sound. This distortion is not observed in the component system, because it uses multiple speakers of different frequencies, which are connected to different channels of the amplifier or recorder.

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