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As the color of wool in animals is called agouti


What color coat of animals is called agouti</a>

Animals can have the most diverse and unique coloring.

There are pets with monophonic hair, and some impress the imagination with a beautiful pattern or an unusual combination of colors.


If you look at the terminology, you can getSome information about the scientific names of the most common colors. Evenly colored animals with the same shade have the type of color of the solid. But the pattern on the wool is called a tabby. It can be strips, circles, abstract stains on the pet's fur. Special color of colored wool is attached to the dominant agouti gene. The gene is characterized by the fact that it gives each hair a specific color, which is a transverse alternation of dark and light bands along the entire length.

Color agouti type is found in nature in animals such as: cats, rabbits, gerbils, guinea pigs.


Dark hair color gives a special pigment -Eumelanin. It concentrates in a larger quantity in cells of dark bands and, accordingly, in smaller ones, in light strips. Pigment granules, having an elongated shape of the ellipse, are located in the hairs sufficiently discharged, creating a soft shade.
It can be said that the color of agouti is such a coloring, in which the separation of hairs into zones differing from each other in the concentration of the pigment occurs.
There are three different varieties of hair color agouti. It's chinchilla, tabby and shaded.

Agouti tabby

Genetics believe that the color of the tabby isPrimary in relation to all the others. Therefore, it is often called "wild color." Tebby is an agouti in the classical sense; The wool is made up of hairs separated by light and dark strips. Select: a mackerel, which creates a brindle color and a marble tabby. It gives the animal an unusual appearance due to the spotted tail and wide divorces on its back resembling marble. Small spots, scattered all over the body of the pet, inform that a representative with a spotted tabby color is present in front of his eyes. Abyssinian cats are bright representatives of animals with the coloring of the Abyssinian tabby - the figure is located only on the muzzle.

Agouti shaded and "chinchilla"

With this color, the tip of each hair hasMore light-colored area than the rest of the hair. This gives the color soft soft, as it were "sprayed" shade. Genetics still can not determine which gene is responsible for the appearance of such an unusual color of pets and attribute this attribute to combining two specific genes at once.

When the "chinchilla" is painted, the pigment is concentrated only in the upper part of the hair.

When the sign of overshoot is combined with agouti- there are colors "chinchilla" and agouti shaded. Chinchilla is characterized by the fact that the hair is brightly colored at the very end and quite pale along the entire length. Upon closer examination of such an animal, it may seem that his hair is sparkling. In the shaded agouti, the upper half of the hair is light, and the lower half is dark. Therefore, the animal acquires a rather rich, but gentle gentle tone.

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