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WHAT coat color in animals known as agouti

What is the coat color in animals known as agouti

Pets can have the most diverse and unique coloring.

There are breeds with a monochromatic coat and some dazzling beautiful picture or an unusual combination of colors.


If we turn to the terminology, it is possible to obtainsome information about the scientific names of the most common colors. Uniformly colored one shade animals have the solid color type. But drawing on wool called tabby. It can be strip, circles, abstract pattern on the pet's coat. Special color colored wool gives the dominant agouti gene. The gene is characterized in that each hair imparts a specific color, which is a transverse alternation of light and dark bands along their entire length.

Color type agouti occurs naturally in animals such as cats, rabbits, gerbils, guinea pigs.


Dark hairs gives a special pigment -eumelanin. It is concentrated in high amounts in cells and dark bands respectively smaller - in light strips. Pigment granules having an elongated shape of an ellipse, located in hairs sufficiently discharged, creating a soft shade.
We can say that agouti is a coloring in which there is a division into zones hairs, differing concentrations of pigment.
There are three different versions of the agouti coat color. This "chinchilla", tabby and shaded.

Agouti tabby

Geneticists believe that the color is a tabbyprimary in relation to all the others. Therefore, it is often called "wild color of" .Tebbi is agouti in the classical sense, ie, Wool is made up of divided into light and dark stripes, hairs. Allocate: tabby-mackerel, which creates Brindle and marbled tabby. It gives an extraordinary view of the animal due to the Spotted Tail and wide divorce on the back, resembling marble. Small specks scattered throughout the pet's body surface area, informing them that before the eyes of a representative to the color of the spotted tabby. Abyssinian cats are outstanding representatives of the animals with the color of the Abyssinian tabby - picture is only on the face.

Agouti and shaded "chinchilla"

With this coloration tip of each hair isa light colored portion than the rest of the hair. This adds to the color soft gentle, as it were "sprayed" hue. Genetics still can not figure out which gene is responsible for the appearance of such an unusual color and pets attributed this trait combination of two specific genes.

When coloration "chinchilla" pigment concentrates only in the upper part of the hair.

When zatushevannosti feature combined with agouti- Colors appear "chinchilla" agouti and shaded. Chinchilla characterized in that the hair is colored brightly at the end and enough pale throughout. A close examination of the animal, it would seem that his hair sparkle. In the top half shaded agouti hair is light, and the bottom - dark. Therefore, the animal gets pretty intense, but gentle calm hue.

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