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What extra-curricular activities

Some parents encourage neglecttheir children to class work, considering it a waste of time. But, in fact, extra-curricular activities can be an effective core of the educational process.

During extracurricular activities reveal the individual abilities of the child, which is not always manifested in the classroom.

What it is properly organized extra-curricular activities?

Outdoor Activity - an organization differentactivities for students after school. This work is aimed at developing students creativity, bringing them to a healthy lifestyle, assistance in professional self-determination, assistance in their adaptation to life in society. It can take many forms: clubs, clubs, contests, competitions, talks, parties, visiting performances, meetings with interesting people.
Students have volunteered to take part inextra-curricular activities. The task of the teacher in this case - time to find the student's interest in a particular activity and direct it in the right direction.
The results of the student extracurricular activities are not ranked on a scale, but in the form of reporting of concerts, parties, the release of wall newspapers, radio broadcasts.
The content and form of extracurricular activities should be based on the desires and interests of the students.
Extra-curricular work is always linked to the time limitIt works, but the material must be chosen, taking into account individual inclination and level of student preparation. In addition, it should be interesting and informative, and the form of its submission - appealing to children. The specificity of the material is that the teacher should be treated to the mind of the child through the emotions, that is, emotional aspect prevails in extracurricular activities.
In addition to the interest of students in extracurricular activities must be ensured in the implementation of their mandatory assignments, which they freely entered into, for example, in the preparation of the concert.
Class work must be taken regularly, such as once a week, once every two weeks, once a month.

What is the use of extracurricular activities?

Various types of extracurricular activities helpchild self-actualization, enhance their self-esteem, build confidence in their abilities. At the student formed a positive perception of themselves as individuals. The fact that the child tries out various activities, enriching his experience, and the student acquires practical skills.
Extra-curricular work in its diversity awakens children's interest in different types of activities they want to participate in the approval of the Company.
Taking part in extracurricular activities, children reveal their creativity and learn to live in a group, cooperate with each other, take care of their friends.
It has been observed that in schools where class work on the subject is carried out clearly and effectively, such an object is highly valued by students.

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