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WHAT civil lawsuits considering the magistrate


Categories considered the magistrates' courts cases are enshrined in the relevant codes and federal laws.

In this case, we are only interested in civil lawsuits, and therefore civil, civil procedure code and the federal laws that govern this particular sphere of relations.

The judicial system of the Russian Federation assumes that the courts of different levels. Each court is considering the categories of cases that it has jurisdiction and jurisdiction.

General provisions of the Civil Procedure Code

In accordance with the Civil Procedure Code of the Russian Federation, namely the first part of Article 23, the world's courts hear civil cases following categories:

Article 121 CCP RF court order - is the judgment rendered by a single judge on the basis of an application for the recovery of sums of money or for the recovery of movable property of the debtor.

1) cases of issuance of a judicial prikaza-
2) the case of divorce, if there is no dispute between the spouses on detyah-
3) The case of the section between the spouses joint property at the price of the claim not exceeding fifty thousand RUR is
4) other emerging family-law relationship,except in cases of paternity (maternity), paternity, deprivation of parental rights, the restriction of parental rights, adoption (adoption order) of the child and other contentious cases of children and cases of marriage recognition nedeystvitelnym-
For other cases of this category may include cases that do not affect the moral rights (the parent) and do not affect the rights and interests of the child.

Similar provisions are fixed in the Federal Law of 17.12.1998 N 188-FZ "On Magistrates in the Russian Federation."

5) proceedings on property disputes, with the exception ofcases of inheritance and property cases arising out of the relationship for the creation and use of intellectual property, at the price of the claim not exceeding fifty thousand RUR is
6) a case to determine the order of use of the property.
The second part of Article 23 of the Russian Code of Civil Procedure establishes the following statement: "Federal Law to the jurisdiction of justices of the peace can be attributed, and other things."

Other civil cases, jurisdiction of courts of the world

For other cases still not mentioned above, can beinclude cases arising from labor relations: on claims for removal of disciplinary action (except for dismissal) - for compensation for material damage caused to the enterprise, the organization rabotnikom- to amend uvolneniya- reasons for the recovery of wages for the delay in the issuance of work record card, etc..
The competence of the magistrates also include casesfor claims for the recovery of fines on tax and customs legislation, unpaid pensions, government benefits, tax arrears of rent and utilities (up to 500 times the minimum wage), a claim for compensation for moral damage, etc.

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