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What city in Russia, the youngest

What city in Russia, the youngest

In Russia, many cities - large and small, old and young. Each of them in their own interest.

There are cities, known worldwide for itssights or important historical events that took place there. There comes a lot of tourists from other regions of Russia and from abroad.

And what a town in Russia is considered to be the youngest?

Guba - the city of oil and gas industry

The youngest city in Russia todayGuba is, received its name in honor of the famous geologist Ivan Mikhailovich Gubkin. It was founded on April 22, 1986 in the village as a base for geologists, but just 10 years later, has already received the status of city district subordination. The city is situated in the southern part of Gubkinsky of Yamalo-Nenets district, on the left bank of the river Pyakupur River. Its population is about 27 thousand people, including a large percentage of Russian. Also Gubkinsky live Ukrainians, Tatars, Belorussians, Bashkirs. His appearance city owes the richest oil and gas fields in the northern part of Western Siberia.
It Gubkinsky the headquarters Ltd."RN-Purneftegas" - the most promising venture companies "Rosneft" and CJSC "Purgas". Processing and drying the associated gas has been a branch of OJSC "SiburTyumenGaz". Climate Gubkinsky quite severe, with long cold winters and short, moderately warm summers. The city is located just 200 kilometers south of the Arctic Circle. Therefore, there is a very short days in the winter.

How can "boast" Gubkin, except oil and gas production

Of course, in such a relatively young and smallthe city may not be a lot of attractions. However, guests will certainly appeal to the development of the Museum of the North, the exhibition which tells about the stages of formation of Gubkin. The local folk dance group "Northern Lights" is known far beyond the city and even county. In Gubkinsky great attention is paid to physical culture and sports. The well-equipped ski lodge held regular training and competition. It offers city dwellers - the ability to deal with 24-name sports!
The news in the life of the city residents can learnof his weekly political newspaper "Gubkin Week" and "Vector" of the transmission of local TV and radio companies. They come out every day. Morning Edition takes half an hour, and evening - an hour.
The city has about 6 kindergartens,several schools and youth center "Torch". Also Gubkinsky have higher education, for example, Udmurt State University branch office Tyumen State University.

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