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As the world's biggest circus


Which circus is the biggest in the world</a>

Circus art is very popular in the world.

Today, both children and adults are admirers of spectacular performances.

After all, the modern circus is not only clowns and rooms with animals, but also unique thematic productions, chic costumes and elaborate decorations.

The largest circus in size

The largest circus building in the world isThe Great State Circus in Moscow. This building, erected in 1971, is unique. After the opening, admiring journalists proclaimed the circus "the world's best attraction".
To admire the Moscow circus really isTo what. Almost 3,500 people can enjoy the show at the same time. The height of the amphitheater is about 36 m. The building of the State Circus is equipped with six arenas. Ice, light, equestrian, interactive and water arenas are able to quickly replace each other. A good "bonus" is a separate rehearsal arena.

The Moscow Circus was the first in Russia to become independent. Today, its basis is almost 300 artists of different genres. Every year a new program is put in the circus.

In the arena of the Moscow State CircusPerform both domestic and foreign artists. Programs, mainly, consist of classical numbers: with animals, acrobats, clowns, etc. For the New Year holidays, the circus building turns into a fairy-tale: there are festive events for children.

The biggest circuses in the world: other categories

The biggest circus can be not onlyThe building, but also by the number of artists. In this category, the Canadian Cirque du Soleil, created in the Canadian province of Quebec, decisively defeats. He became famous in 1984. Then the head of the troupe of street circus invited the government to organize a tour in the cultural program "Discover Canada". Since the event was supposed to be performed in the summer months, the artists were christened "The Circus of the Sun".
To date, the circus "Du Soleil" - the mostA large-scale event in this industry. In total, it employs about 5000 people. Thousand of them are artists, the rest are directors, choreographers, costumes, technicians, etc. Almost 100 well-trained circus performers take part in every performance.

In Cirque du Soleil do not work with animals. In the performances involved only people who are distinguished by flexibility, dexterity, artistry. Today, the circus has become international, bringing together artists from 40 countries on one stage.

In the repertoire of the circus "Du Soleil" 14 programs, inWhich only people participate. For each specially created scenery, musical accompaniment, special effects. Costumes deserve special attention: annually at least 20 kilometers of various fabrics are used for their sewing. It should be noted that the international troupe does not perform in the classical arena, preferring to shock and surprise spectators from the ordinary scene.
The largest in the world in number at the same timeWorking arena is the circus of the American brothers Ringling. On four platforms and three arenas at a time different numbers are shown. However, this is not the whole "feature" of the circus. To come to the performance should be in advance: the artists make up, and the animals rehearse the stunts right before the eyes of the gathering spectators.

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