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WHAT circus world's largest

What a circus the world's largest

Circus art is very popular in the world.

Today, fans of spectacular representations are both children adults.

After all, modern circus - it's not just clowns and number of animals, but also unique themed performances, gorgeous costumes and elaborate sets.

The biggest circus in size

The biggest circus building in the world isGreat State Circus in Moscow. This structure, erected in 1971, is unique. After the opening of the circus admiring journalists proclaimed "world's best attraction."
Admire the Moscow Circus really iswhat. Enjoy a performance at the same time can be nearly 3500 people. The height of the amphitheater is about 36 m. State Circus building is equipped with six arenas. Ice, light, horse, interactive arenas and water are able to quickly replace each other. A good "bonus" is a separate rehearsal arena.

Moscow Circus first in Russia became an independent. Today it is based on nearly 300 artists of different genres. Each year, the circus is put a new program.

In the arena of the Moscow State CircusIt serves both domestic and foreign artists. Programs mainly consist of the classic numbers:. With animals, acrobats, clowns, etc. At the time of the New Year holidays circus building turns into a fairy-tale: it held celebrations for children.

The biggest circuses in the world, other categories

The biggest circus can be not onlybuilding, but also in the number of artists. In this category decisively wins the Canadian Cirque du Soleil, created in the Canadian province of Quebec. He became known in 1984. Then the head of the street circus troupe invited the Government of the country to organize a tour of the cultural program "Discover Canada". Since the event was supposed to be carried out in the summer months, the artists dubbed the "Cirque du Soleil".
Today the circus "Cirque du Soleil" - thelarge-scale event in the industry. In total, it employs approximately 5,000 people. A thousand of them are artists and others -. Directors, choreographers, costume designers, technicians, etc. Each presentation takes part of nearly 100 well-trained circus.

The Cirque du Soleil does not work with animals. Submissions are involved only people who are flexible, agility, artistry. Today, the circus has become international, gathered on the same stage artists from 40 countries.

The repertoire of circus "Cirque du Soleil" 14 programs,that the only people involved. For each specially created decorations, music, special effects. Particularly noteworthy costumes each year for their tailoring is used at least 20 kilometers of various tissues. It should be noted that an international company does not act on the classical scene, preferring to shock and surprise the audience with the usual scene.
The biggest in the world in terms of bothworking arenas is a circus Ringling American brothers. On four scaffolds and three arenas at the same time demonstrate a variety of rooms. However, this is not the whole "trick" of the circus. Coming on the idea should advance: grimiruyutsya artists and animals are rehearsing stunts in front of spectators gathering.

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