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WHAT Cinzano

What Cinzano

Cinzano - this is one of the most popular brands of vermouth in the world.

In most countries it ranks first or second in terms of sales among this type of alcoholic beverage.

History Cinzano

Cinzano Vermouth brand was first produced inItaly in 1757 Another two centuries before that, the family, and whose name became the name of an alcoholic beverage, became the most famous producer of wines in Europe. Cinzano family owned luxury mansion and vast possessions - their property is so large plot of land that he even recovered on the map as a separate region of the country. Of course, thanks to the Cinzano managed to produce a lot of alcoholic beverages using their own grown on their land resources.
The reason for the high popularity of beverage companyCinzano was not only their quality but also the original taste. The fact that the company sought primarily to experiments. Especially a lot of recipes created and tested the brothers Carlo and Giovanni, the graduates of the University of distillery production in Turin. They were extremely talented and even opened a shop "Workshop of the life-giving elixirs", where they sold their unique drinks. Among the inventions and Giovanni Carlo was also brand Cinzano vermouth, quickly became the most popular product of their shops. Very often it bought the middle class and the aristocracy. Cinzano Vermouth eventually became so popular that he was ordered to the royal family.
A century after the invention of this brandalcoholic beverage a new managing company, Francesco began to work on improving the taste of vermouth Cinzano. The recipe has been changed, though customers liked it so much that drink soon became very popular not only in Italy but also abroad.

Features Cinzano

Cinzano Vermouth differs primarily unusual combination of additives, which gives it an original taste and flavor. In part, this is what has helped him to successfully compete with vermouth Martini.
There are 6 species of this brand of vermouth. Classic Cinzano Rosso is known. It is characterized by a red tint, sweet taste and bright aroma unusual. Classic popular, but is still in high demand Cinzano Bianco - sweet vermouth with a slight taste. It is usually served before a meal to enhance the appetite and improve digestion. Three species of this brand of vermouth are fruity taste: it Cinzano Rose Oranchio with orange zest and Limetto with lime and lemon zest. Finally, the popular and dry Vermouth Extra Dry with berry flavor.

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