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WHAT church holiday is celebrated on April 28

What is a church holiday is celebrated on April 28

Day April 28 is marked in the Orthodox calendar just a few days the memory of the saints, as well as a holiday in honor of the veneration of the two icons of the Mother of God, who have miraculous properties.

April 28 Orthodox honored as a day of remembranceAristarchus, Pud and Trofim, which according to tradition the Lord sent with the good news of his resurrection. Martyr Vasilissa and Anastasia, which decided to remember this day, and have dedicated their lives to serving the Lord. Their feat is associated with the burial of slain emperor Nero, who condemned them to brutal torture and subsequent execution. Their actions are a symbol of courage and true faith. Interestingly, in the world it is known as the day Pudov day: this day beekeepers inspect hives readiness for the new season and start to put them on the street.

The virtuous martyr Savva Gotfsky havingpower of healing the sick, remember the April 28th. He put his life on the altar of faith and did not renounce ideals even after brutal torture, ended publicly penalty.

Celebration in honor of icons

This day is considered the veneration of twoicons dedicated to the Mother of God, and Mozdok-Dubenskaya Krasnohorskaya. The majestic icon of the Mozdok Mother of God, in whose honor erected a temple to the convent adjacent to it, for the first time showed their amazing properties and has identified a divine sign on the banks of the Terek, since it has repeatedly assisted the parishioners and the faithful make pilgrimages for the purpose of applying for help.


On April 28, 2014 falls Radonitsa, day,which is made to remember the dead. This day is not forbidden to work, because grieving for his loss, all believers should be aware that their relatives have found peace of mind and eternal life.

For Orthodox Christians, April 28 is the daybirthday, that is the day the remembrance of the saint in whose honor has been given a particular name. So, Anastasia, Victor, Andrew, Trofim, Vasilisa can be rightly considered as his April 28 in the afternoon.

Jewish holidays

In Judaism, this day is timed to the holiday of PassoverSheni, the bringing the so-called Passover, tradition, existing since the time of Ancient Egypt. By giving this day the Lord made an agreement with the Jews, and made them the chosen people. Paschal sacrifice Pesach Sheni is prepared with special herbs, bake it in the fire. Cooked lamb prohibited break bones and leave it half-eaten before morning.
Lamb in this case symbolizes the refusalpeople from beliefs imposed by the Egyptians, it is connected with the cult of worship of this animal. The anointing of the blood of the murdered door is a sign that in the house there is no follower of the pagan, from the point of view of Jewish religion.

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