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WHAT church holiday is celebrated on February 15

Feast of Candlemas purification of the Virgin Mary and brought into the temple of Jesus of Nazareth

February 15 the Russian Orthodox Church celebrates the Candlemas.

This completes the Christmas holidays.

It is dedicated to the purification of the Virgin Mary and brought into the temple of Jesus of Nazareth.

What a feast of Candlemas

Candlemas refers to the great feast. On this day the Church remembers a very important event in the earthly life of Jesus Christ. Before Christ all had hope and faith in the coming Messiah, the Savior of the world and expect it coming.
Within 40 days after the birth of Jesus Christ, according tothen existing tradition, Mary sustained the infant to the temple to buy it from God, because for all newborn Hebrew beliefs belong to God.
"Candlemas" happened in the temple of Jerusalem, where Mary holding a baby met God sent Simeon, the prophetess Anna followed.

On the occasion of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary is associated icon, referred to as "Softener of Evil Hearts" or "Simeon prophetically," which symbolizes the fulfillment of the prophecy of Simeon the Elder.

Simeon took the baby Jesus in his arms with the prophetic words, "Jesus will come to people's rescue service." Then the old man blessed Mary was very surprised him.
However, disputes were about 500 years betweentheologians, because the accuracy of this event is not satisfied. Candlemas Day was recognized only at the beginning of the IV century. It was intended to supplant the territory of the Roman Empire, pagan festival of purification and repentance, but for a long time it does not take root. Only in the 6th century it began to be celebrated as a great festival. However, the wide acceptance angry believers had not received. In Russia, in the popular mind was associated with Candlemas phenological moments.

Celebration on the national calendar

"If Candlemas blizzard - the bread will not be", - said the peasants of the Saratov province.

People interpreted the "meet the" like an appointment with the winterspring. "On Candlemas sun in the summer, winter - the cold," - said in the old days. On this day linked to many national signs. For example, if Candlemas snowstorm, it will be a bad harvest. And if the 15 February will thaw, and the chicken in this day can drink the water, it promises to be an early spring. There was also a sign relating to the very holiday. An evil omen thought, if that day a hare crossing the road, and if the wolf - on the contrary, to do good.
Like other popular Christian holidays,Candlemas mentioned special economic concerns. On this day at the market determined the price of bread. Farmers tried to cope with the work and have dinner before dark. Women in this day wove webs and spun at the fire.

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