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As a church holiday celebrated on February 15


Feast of the Purification of the Virgin Mary and the bringing into the temple of Jesus of Nazareth</a>

On February 15, the Russian Orthodox Church celebrates Sfense.

This is the final stage of the Christmas holidays.

It is dedicated to the purification of the Virgin Mary and the bringing into the temple of Jesus of Nazareth.

What a holiday

The invention refers to the feast of the twelve feasts. On this day, the church recalls a very important event in the earthly life of Jesus Christ. Before Christmas, everyone lived by the hope and faith in the coming Messiah of the Savior of the world and expected his coming.
Forty days after the birth of Jesus Christ, according toMary then carried the baby to the temple in order to redeem it from God, because according to Hebrew beliefs all the newborns belonged to God.
"The invention" took place in the Jerusalem temple, where Mary and the baby were welcomed by the God-sent elder Simeon, accompanied by the prophetess Anna.

With the event of the Presentation, the icon of the Blessed Virgin is associated, called "Softening the Evil Hearts" or "Simeon Proverb", which symbolizes the fulfillment of the prophecy of the Elder Simeon.

Simeon took the baby Jesus in his arms with prophetic words that "Jesus will go out to the ministry of saving people." Then the elder blessed Mary very surprised by his words.
However, for about 500 years, disputes have beenTheologians, because the authenticity of this event has no evidence. The event was recognized as a holiday only at the beginning of the 4th century. It was called upon to supplant the pagan festival of purification and repentance on the territory of the Roman Empire, but it did not take long. Only in the 6th century it began to be celebrated as a great holiday. However, the recognition of the angry believers was not widely received. In Russia, the people's consciousness associated with phenological moments.

Celebration of the national calendar

"If there is not a blizzard to the Firing of the Blizzard," the peasants of the Saratov province said.

The people interpreted "meeting" as a meeting of winter withIn the spring. "On the Slyon the sun for the summer, the winter for the frost," they said in the old days. This day is associated with many people's signs. For example, if a snowstorm takes place, then there will be a crop failure. And if on February 15 there will be a thaw, and the chicken will drink water on that day, spring promises to be early. There was also a sign relating to the holiday itself. It was considered a bad sign if on that day the hare crossed the road, and if the wolf - on the contrary, to good.
Like other popular Christian holidays,The meeting was marked by special economic concerns. On this day, prices for bread were determined at the market. The peasants tried to manage their work and eat supper before dark. Women on this day did not weave canvases and did not spin at the fire.

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