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WHAT choose dumbbell girl

What to choose dumbbells girl

Strength training with weights can create good with female figures wonders.

It's time to test this claim in practice.

To do this, select the correct dumbbell.

Should I choose a mini dumbbells

To build a truly harmonious shapesneed time. It may take not just months but years. Mini dumbbell is not suitable for this case. They are only good for aerobic exercise. If you are not going to engage in power load, safely buy mini dumbbells. Otherwise, look for collapsible dumbbells model. The fact that the muscles accustomed relatively quickly to the load, stopping after some time to react to it. With mini dumbbells you strengthen your body to a certain extent, and further achievements will require heavier shells. In addition, with small weights you are unlikely to reach the ideal shape.

How to pick up a dumbbell

Good dumbbells for fitness to choose the best,I am thinking about yourself, not as a girl and as a sportsman. These sports equipment vary according to the type, weight, comfort grip. The ideal option would be collapsible models, they will adjust the load if necessary. They are of two types: classic and with variable weights. The first option involves the presence of the neck, which can be mounted pancakes in weight from 0.5 to 10 kilograms. At the same pancakes are attached using a special clamp. Spitted them in the right quantity, you will get exactly the load you want. Dumbbells with adjustable weights are special round mini-discs with lock.

Be sure to purchase locks or latches for dumbbells, or doing the exercises, especially the dynamic will be traumatic.

For home use perfectthe first option, because it is affordable and economical. First of all, you can always buy the necessary weights in sporting goods stores, as the pancakes for the rod - long been a deficit. In addition, you can always take a dumbbell in addition to the neck and extend the set of the exercises. The advantage of the second type dumbbell that they are generally more convenient. In particular, their neck for a graceful female hands in more convenient times.

Having bought an additional bar for pancakes, you can diversify your training new exercises.

For beginners in the sport for the training is usually neededweight in the range of 3 kg, but this is enough for a month or two. Continue to improve outcomes (eg, squats and lunges) uses weight from 3 to 7 kg. The best option can be considered a set of pancakes, a load which will vary from 2 to 10 kg per dumbbell.

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