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WHAT choose ceilings

What to choose ceilings

Quality today suspended ceiling installed in almost every new apartment, because it gives the room an expensive and sophisticated look, but also emphasizes the design features.

Stretch ceilings are often combined with illumination embedded in them, which makes them even more attractive and original.

The advantages of a stretch ceiling

Quality ceilings will be 50years, while maintaining the original appearance. They are perfect for any room, including bathrooms, saunas, swimming pools and other places with high humidity, because their material is resistant to moisture and can withstand temperatures from 0 to 500 ° C. Stretch ceilings do not absorb odors and does not release them, so they are often installed in the kitchens. In addition, they do not tend to burn and can withstand up to 100 liters of water per 1 square meter, which is very convenient in case of flooding the room upstairs neighbor.

This product is advisable to buy only from a proven company that provides a wide range of suspended ceilings and the services of qualified professionals.

With the help of a stretch ceiling can be profitablehighlight features of the interior, with room to expand a small area of ​​the room to give the desired amount or make it more comfortable. In addition, the aesthetic appearance of stretch ceilings and correctly selected colors greatly improve psycho-emotional state of a person and increase its resistance to stress.

Choosing a suspended ceiling

Matt ceilings are perfectly suited to theany design, but the most attractive they look with a classic, ethnic and country styles. Their dullness Do not overtighten the attention, allowing him to focus on the curtains, furniture or other interior elements. They are often installed in the bedrooms and offices.
Glossy ceilings better to choose forbuildings designed in the style of hi-tech or minimalism. They allow you to reflect the space, creating the effect of increasing it and making the room brighter and more festive. Glossy fabric ideal for bathrooms and kitchen areas, as easy to care for them - besides, they perfectly reflect light, increasing the room lighting.

Especially popular are today ceilings with the effect of a starry sky, which is reproduced by means of microscopic light-emitting diodes.

Balance between matte and glossyblades are satin ceilings with the moth-eye structure. They shimmer beautifully and looks perfect in the eastern interior, but also in classical style. Typically, satin ceiling pastel shades installed in bedrooms or living rooms.
According to the direct users reviews,the highest quality and popular products ceilings is made in Germany. But in recent years have increased significantly and the rate ceilings, made in Russia.

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