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WHAT hamster choose a child

What hamster choose a child

In the world there are many different breeds of hamsters,but we gained a lot of popularity these rocks as Syrian hamsters, Jungar, Campbell and Roborovski. In choosing a rodent for your child lean on their features.

All hamsters - nocturnal animals, they are active in the evening and at night. But at the same time, the hamsters are small in size, and the child will be easier to learn to look after them.

Cage them takes up little space, they eat little and watching them - a pleasure.



Jungar hamsters. This breed is considered to be a dwarf. Jungar hamsters grow small, 5 cm in length. Their fur is dark, with a black stripe on the back.
Cage for them need a little, the running wheelshould be about 10-15 cm in diameter. Also, the cell can be put to dzhungariku bath filled with sand, in which they would be happy to swim - clean coat. The cage must always be water and food. Eat hamsters zernosmes- they can indulge in fruits and vegetables, cheese and cheese.
Jungar hamsters are pretty small, so take into their hands to gently, without leaving in his hands. Dzhungariki bad accustomed to the hands, very long accustomed to the owner.

Jungar hamster


Syrian hamsters are bigger in size. At length they reach 15 cm. Syrian hamsters are a different color and with different lengths of wool.
Cage for pet need a lot more thanDzhungarian to breed. To feed these rodents also needed as well as other hamsters. In addition to food and water, in a cell have to be a wheel diameter of not less than 20 cm. It is possible, with the wheel will have to change the age, because the Syrians will not be run in a small wheel for them.
Bathe these hamsters do not, they wash themselves like cats. They can be trained to walk in the tray, just put a toilet in one corner of the cage where the hamster runs.
Syrian hamsters are more friendly. They can easily go to the contact, quickly become accustomed to the hands. They often respond to the master's voice. Syrian hamsters are different from others in that collect food and material for the house in their cheek pouches, and then make the stocks in secluded places. Beyond that, as a hosted Syrians, very interesting to watch.

Syrian hamster


Campbell - the most aggressive breed. These hamsters appreciate independence and rarely tamed. For this trait, and I love them. Breed Campbell for a busy people who have no time to care for the animal, and is not recommended for children.



Roborovski Hamster - a rare breed of dwarfhamsters. Unlike Jungar, from the breed there is no line on the back and legs a little longer. They are very active. Their distinguishing feature is a social lifestyle. They do not live alone, as the rest of the hamsters and the like group.

Hamsters Roborovski

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