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How to choose a baby


What kind of hamster to choose a baby</a>

In the world there are many different breeds of hamsters,But such breeds as the Syrian hamsters, Dzhungar, Campbell and Roborovsky have gained a great popularity. In choosing a rodent for your child, rely on their characteristics.

All hamsters are night animals, they are active in the evening and at night. But, at the same time, hamsters are small in size, and it will be easier for a child to learn how to take care of them.

A cell with them takes up little space, they eat a little, and watching them is a pleasure.



Dzhungar hamsters. This breed is considered dwarfish. Dzhungar hamsters grow small, only 5 cm in length. They have dark wool, with a black stripe on their backs.
A cage for them needs a small, running wheelShould be about 10-15 cm in diameter. Also in the cage to the jungarik you can put a bath with sand, in which they will be happy to swim - to clean the fur coat. There must be water and food in the cage. Eat hamsters grain-mix, you can spoil them with vegetables and fruits, cottage cheese and cheese.
Dzhungar hamsters are rather small, so it is necessary to take them in hand neatly, without covering them in the palms. Dzhungariki badly accustom to the hands, very long get used to the owner.

Dzungarian hamster


Syrian hamsters are larger in size. In length they reach 15 cm. Syrian hamsters are of different colors and with different lengths of wool.
A cage for a pet needs much more thanFor the Dzungarian breed. Feed these rodents as well as other hamsters. In addition to food and water, there must be a wheel with a diameter of at least 20 cm in the cage. Perhaps, the wheel will have to be changed with age, because the Syrians will not run in a small wheel for them.
Bathing these hamsters is not necessary, they wash themselves like cats. They can be accustomed to walk into the tray, just put the toilet in the corner of the cage where the hamster walks.
Syrian hamsters are more friendly. They easily come into contact, quickly get used to the hands. Often they respond to the voice of the host. Syrian hamsters differ from others in that they collect food and material for the house in their cheek pouches, and then make stocks in secluded places. The way the Syrians manage is very interesting to observe.

Syrian hamster


Campbell is the most aggressive breed. These hamsters appreciate independence and are very rarely tamed. For this character trait and love them. The Campbell breed for the more busy people who once take care of the animal, and is not recommended for children.



Roborovsky hamsters are a rare breed of dwarfHamsters. Unlike the Dzungar, this breed has no line on the back and the legs are slightly longer. They are very active. Their distinctive feature is the social way of life. They do not live alone, like other hamsters, but they love the company.

Hamsters Roborovsky

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