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WHAT choose a gas stove

Which to choose a gas stove

I sunk into oblivion Soviet era, and with it the standard cookers, practically does not differ from each other.

The range of today's panels is so wide that in order to avoid mistakes and make the right choice, you need to understand the features of each of them in detail.

Electric or gas

This is the first thing you need to pay attention. Gas stove heats up very quickly and also allows you to quickly cook food. Electric heated very slowly and cools slowly and risking burn favorite dish, if time does not remove from the stove. The only disadvantage of the gas equipment - the complexity of cleaning. Besides, there is always the risk of gas leak, although with proper installation can be avoided.

The surface material

Next, pay attention to the materialsurface. Stainless steel and enamel has come a long test of time and have their own advantages, but still the last word of technical progress novelties - specially treated alloy with an aluminum base and is made of glass or glass-ceramic.


Burners - the most important element of the gaskitchen equipment. It is worth to pay attention to the diameter of the injector holes. Well, if the stove is equipped with nozzles having very different diameters. This will at any time to install equipment at those gas jets, which are necessary. In modern cooking stoves, one burner is always reinforced, it receives the strongest flow of the flame, which is also very convenient.


Today, manufacturers offer threetype ovens: gas, electric and combined. If you want to buy an electric oven, you need to know in advance - whether a power wiring survive or not. After working, this cabinet consumes large amounts of electricity, and network congestion may lead to undesirable consequences. For those who love to cook delicious meals trivial, useful top heating or gas grill. Wardrobe with hidden hob will protect the flame from the flow of air blown by fans. In general, the fan circulates himself and blows hot air around the cabinet, ensuring even cooking.

The system of gas control

The system will allow the gas control automaticallydisable the flow of gas in cases where for some reason the flame extinction occurred. Many current models are equipped with gas-control and avtopodzhigom. This function is called a gas stove repodzhigom, ie it can be automatically set on fire when the damping gas, though only 3-5 times.

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