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WHAT chitin

What is chitin

For many people, the chitin is unknown substance.

In fact, the substance actually was studied by people since ancient times.

Even in his treatise "Bencao ganmu" is a reference to it: "Carapace resolves bruising and promotes good digestion."


Chitin is a natural compound ofnitrogenous polysaccharides series. It is also called "sixth element". Chitin in large enough amounts in some organisms, insects, various crustaceans, in the stems and leaves of plants. It should be noted that in nature in its productive second only data cellulose.

Over a hundred years was considered a waste of chitin,since it is not capable composition nor dissolve in dilute alkalis, acids and many other solvents or in water. Plus chitin is high operating cost in the direct use, in contrast to cellulose.

Useful properties of chitin

Scientific and technical discoveries enabled manchitin found in a number of interesting properties, cellulose that has not. For example, the substance to date - the only edible animal cellulose worldwide. It should be noted that the chitin exclusively charged positive ions. In addition, it consists of minerals, vitamins, fats, sugars and proteins, which gives the full right to regard it as the sixth vital human important element.

Once in the human body, chitin activelyabsorbs negatively charged fatty acids. Thus, the substance inhibits their absorption in the intestine. Gradually chitin takes negatively charged fatty acids from the body.

Chitin fibers are continuously intensifyingperistalsis of digestion. This effect stimulates eat food in the digestive tract to move at high speed. Thus, chitin - is an effective and safe method of losing weight. In addition, chitin fibers have the property to bind cholesterol and fatty acids, hindering the absorption of harmful substances in the blood vessels.

Chitosan, which is obtained by deacetylation,effectively activate the necessary activities of the human body cells. At the same time it significantly builds self-regulation of the nervous and hormonal secretion.

Scientific studies have shown that chitosan hasthe ability to lower blood cholesterol concentration. Thus, it does not allow it to settle in the liver and prevent its absorption in the intestine.

In addition, the substance significantlyIt limits the absorption of chlorine ions in the human body, reducing blood pressure and increasing blood vessels. In short, chitin significantly slows down the aging process, strengthening the immune system, protecting the liver, regulating the function of internal organs, activating cells and purifying the body from harmful toxins.

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