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WHAT chainsaw choose

Which to choose a chainsaw

Chainsaw - is a tool that significantly accelerates and facilitates the process of processing and cutting wood.

With proper care chainsaw service life can reach several years.

Types of chainsaws

Before buying a chainsaw, you need tothe choice between the three main types of instruments: home, semi-professional and professional. The first of these is the best suited for the most simple tasks such as firewood or treatment of dead trees, and are designed to save your strength, as an alternative axes and saws. Chainsaws other two types are similar in their characteristics. They can saw even the most strong and powerful trees, and features of their designs allow less tired at work such chainsaws. The difference between the professional and semi tools is that the former can be used for more than 10 hours and the second at the same time comes to an end after 4 hours of operation.

The difference in working hours of professional and semi-professional chainsaw affects the value of these instruments - the first will cost substantially more expensive than the latter.

For daily needs in the suburban area can bebuy a chainsaw special kind - one-handed. It is small in size and modest weight, so that not only can be used for pruning trees or large decorative plants, but also useful while fishing or hunting. A good choice of such a lightweight and compact chainsaw is even in the event that most of the work must be performed at a height of at arm's length - so they will be less tired.

Features chainsaws

Power chainsaw - this is one of the keycharacteristics of the tool. It depends on the power directly chainsaw ability to withstand high loads and cope with durable materials. For active work, this figure should be at least 2-3 kW, the domestic saws such a serious power unnecessarily.
The difference between the types of saws could alsois a method of struggle against kickback, which can occur when docking with the wood surface. The tools of modern stamps it uses a special shield that covers one side of the web chainsaw or inertia braking system - about the kickback tool with this type of protection is simply stall.

Inertia braking system more reliable and safer, which is why the majority of chainsaws equipped with just such protection.

Strong vibration - this is the most serious flawchain saws, which is particularly well manifested in continuous operation. Therefore, you should choose the brand of chain saws, which is equipped with anti-vibration system. It reduces the load on the hand, helping them less tired even after several hours of operation tools.

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