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WHAT American and European celebrities have Russian roots

What celebrity in America and Europe have Russian roots

All the world is home to around 133 million Russian, of which 22 million live abroad.

In the US, more than 3 million people have Russian roots, andin Europe by immigrants from the Russian media consider themselves the order of 10 million people, but if we do not take into account Ukraine and other countries, which were part of the USSR, the Russian typed hardly more than 1 million in Europe.

Famous Russian America

In the United States from Russia throughout historydirected several waves of immigration. Over Ocean moved including scientists, actors, athletes, and many other important people do not find a decent application in Russia.

If you do not look back in history and lookto Russian Americans of our time, it may be noted Anastasia Liukin or "Nastia Liukin," as it is called the inhabitants of the United States. This young gymnast took gold, 3 silver and a bronze medal at the Beijing Olympics, alas, not for the Russian team.

Mikhail Baryshnikov pleases Americans loveballet. He not only ballet dancer and choreographer, but also an actor. Baryshnikov played in the theater and film (Love in the City, Season 6). Russian in origin is an American actor Anton Yelchin, starring in "Star Trek."

Russian roots is a famous American actress Mila Jovovich.

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Exiles was Alexander Kerensky,the head of the All-Russian Provisional Government. His son Oleg Kerensky was one of the best specialists among bridge builders engineers at the time. True, he was not a US citizen, and was a subject of the British crown.

Composer Igor Stravinsky also left Russiaand he became a citizen of France, the United States afterwards. World-famous composer died in New York. Sergei Rachmaninoff in a period of turmoil in their homeland moved overseas. Not immediately, of course, but having lived in Norway and Switzerland, the composer chose as their permanent abode Beverly Hills.

The writer Vladimir Nabokov, who was born inSt. Petersburg was forced to move during the Civil War in Europe, later in the USA. Nabokov is so well learned English that many works, including the famous "Lolita" once wrote in English.

Russian in Europe

Many Russian immigrants came to the United States ofEurope. However, there were also those who have never left of the old world. British actor and director Peter Ustinov, who played in the film "Jesus of Nazareth", "Victoria and Albert", "Luther", was born in London, and in fact was an Englishman of Russian origin.

The Oscar winner is Helen Mirren (Helen Lidiya Mironova). British celebrity had Russian origins. Oscar won for her role as Elizabeth II in "The Queen" movie.

Hockey team in Finland Leonid Komarov is the origin of Karelia, but he said in Russian.

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In addition to the UK, many famous RussianHe lives in Finland. Football players Alexei and Roman Eremenko play for this northern country. Pop musician Kirk (Cyril Babitsyn) was born in Helsinki, but also has Russian roots.

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