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What is better for the kitchen ceiling

It sets out a kitchen renovation, it is important to seriously approach the issue of choice of the ceiling.

Since this location differs frequent swings in humidity and temperature, the material must be durable and of high quality.

The most budget option kitchen decorationthe ceiling is painted with latex paint. Neat white ceiling looks quite fresh and relevant. Incidentally, modern environmentally friendly paints and have good performance.
Svezhepokrashenny ceiling looks good onlyin that case, if the surface is flat without dents, cracks or other visible defects. Agree, in older homes ceilings are not uncommon. Correct the situation as follows: either smooth the surface using a drywall or plaster, or mask all decorative elements or slabs of expanded polystyrene. However, a significant drawback of such plates is the high flammability and softness.
Modern ceilings are deprivedthe above-mentioned drawbacks and are the ideal solution for the kitchen. Of course, installation of suspended ceilings - not cheap, but its durability and practicality with interest will block this shortcoming.
The main advantages of suspended ceilingsIt is a heat-, moisture- and pyleustoychivost, beautiful appearance, variety of colors, patterns and textures, quick installation, ecological. In addition, they are perfectly transferred to sudden changes in temperature and humidity, as well as easily maintained bays neighbors above.

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