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WHAT ceiling is better to make in the kitchen

Fixtures for ceiling painting

In the kitchen, the ceiling must be durable, inexpensive, beautiful, environmentally friendly and easy to clean.

This meets the requirements of painted ceiling and tension mounted or ceiling.

No matter what room of the apartment or house the ownerneither started the repair, he will have to approach this matter with the utmost seriousness and responsibility, because this will depend on the quality of work and life of the individual structural elements. Particular attention should be paid to the installation of the ceiling in the kitchen, t. To. The rising to his soot and steam, as well as the constant temperature changes are a daily experience of its strength.

Perfect ceiling - what he

; In choosing the material for decoration of the kitchen ceiling is necessary to consider the requirements that this surface must meet. Perfect ceiling in the kitchen, it is:
- Ceiling, exposed to moisture-resistant
- The ceiling, which was easy to care and easy wash-
- Ceiling-wear
- Able to disguise and hide surface defects kitchen kommunikatsii-
- Ceiling-environmentally friendly
- Simple in design and inexpensive in terms finansov-
- An attractive appearance.

Types of materials for the ceiling

The enduring popularity of the usualplastered ceiling. And there is a reasonable explanation: it is environmentally friendly and does not "eat" the extra height, in contrast to their counterparts and curtain tension. This is especially true for rooms with a small height. But this cover there are also disadvantages - for high-quality finishing needed work hard and spend a lot of time and effort to this work. The same applies to painted ceiling, but here you can get a clear advantage - easy to wash.
Ceiling tiles made of polystyrene foam is good inall respects, but the demand has not enjoyed. Today, no one is surprised hinged ceilings. Plastic panels, boards and slats, fastened to a metal frame allow for good sound insulation, cover electrical wires and install the ceiling lighting and ventilation. Due to constantly improving the installation technology can become the owner of a stretch ceiling satin with antibacterial treatment, varnish and lacquer perforated ceiling, as well as metallic, pearlescent, moiré, suede, marble, wood, leather and others.
In the ceiling of plasterboard have much in common with the ceilingof plastic. This material allows to obtain a curved line, multi-level surface and original niche for light. Its easy to clean, but the installation cost is somewhat different from the price for the installation of plastic analogue for the worse for the host side.

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