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WHAT cassette roller blinds

Blinds - a modern solution for the interior

Cassette roller blinds - a special kind of blinds, featuring special technology.

They consist of magazines and the web from the side guides.

Apply these curtains for registration of windows and doorways.

Operating principle

The principle of operation is quite cassette roller blindssimple. If necessary, the web is lowered or raised on the glass, while during lifting fabric curtains rolled up and hidden in a special way cassette, decorative boxes. Cassette roller blinds can be mounted in different ways: screws, double-sided tape. It should be borne in mind that cassette roller blinds are installed only when the thickness of the window glazing beads of at least 8 mm.

Cassette curtains are usually made individually on the width of the window. To this end, it is important to measure the window correctly. The width and height is measured by curtains future window width from edge to edge bead.

Such curtains are controlled by means of a universal gear system or via the drive and control unit. The automatic system is easily integrated into the technology of "smart house".

Advantages of cluster roller blinds

Due to the vast possibilities of the cassettemechanism, the curtains can be hung on any form of plastic windows and curtains design allows you to open the window in different planes to ventilate the room. A diverse range of colors and a wide choice of fabrics will pick the shade that will fit harmoniously into the interior of the premises. Cassette roller blinds are easy to clean. Their enough to wipe with a damp cloth or sponge with the addition of a special detergent.

Cassette roller blinds are available in two types: UNI-UNI-1 and 2. UNI-1 system Curtains more compact. They are only installed on windows Direct glazing bead and the depth of more than 1 cm. UNI-2 system is suitable for any form of glazing bead.

These curtains can be made of densetissue, does not transmit light or translucent fabrics. They can therefore be used as a night curtains or tulle. There is a range of day and night. Such blinds consist of two webs located in the same plane. Fabrics are composed of alternating dense and transparent strips. If you set the fabric so that the transparent strip coincided curtain will skip the sunlight. If just one of the webs to shift and combine the transparent stripes of one layer with another opaque, become dense curtain protection from light. Cassette roller blinds can be an independent element of window decorations, or combined with the original curtains, tulle, lambrequins. This is an excellent design option balcony windows and verandas.

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