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WHAT carminative effect

pharmacy dill seeds

Carminative action - action that provide drugs to a patient suffering from flatulence.

Carminative effect has fennel, chamomile flowers and fruits of caraway.

You will need

  • chamomile flowers, fennel fruit, rhizome of valerian, peppermint leaves, caraway fruit



Carminative action - the action of medicinestools used in the flatulence - a condition which is characterized by excessive accumulation of gas in the digestive tract. Flatulence or increased flatulence may cause some foods, such as brown bread, milk, potatoes and vegetables. The reason for this phenomenon may be swallowing excess air, poor absorption of gas in the intestine, acute and chronic pancreatitis, chronic colitis, goiter, gastroparesis, peritonitis, partial or complete intestinal obstruction.


As a rule, a person in this statethere are also side effects - a feeling of heaviness and fullness in the stomach, hiccups, belching, paroxysmal pain, if there is no opportunity for the discharge of gas, as well as bad breath and disruption of vascular and central nervous system, lead to a change in heart rate, chest pain and shortness of breath . More often than others flatulence occurs in young children and the elderly.


The man with the accumulation of winds often suffer fromcolic, spasms, dropsy and dizziness. As traditional carminative such patients should be used infusions of fennel (fennel seeds pharmacy), chamomile flowers and fruits of caraway. Help solve the problem and oils: Dill and made from cumin. This treatment promotes discharge of gas, relaxes the smooth muscles and stimulates intestinal motility. Tinctures are possible and must be combined: there are drugs based on two or more components, for example, "Bebinos". Give it to your baby, and soon he will calm down and will not cry because of the patient's abdomen.


If you have a violation of the process of digestion, pain,belching and hiccups, take "metoclopramide". You can help digestion, adopting "Pancreatin", and will help reduce the pain "Drotaverinum". An alternative to the above-mentioned means are the "Dimethicone" and "simethicone" - take them to the case where there is at similar symptoms. Surfactants are included in their composition, lower the surface tension at the interface, destroying the formed gas bubbles and preventing the formation of new ones.


Carminative collection can be prepared at home: This will require the rhizome of valerian, peppermint leaves and fruits of fennel. All mix one tablespoon of the collection to fill in a metal cup, pour 200 ml of boiling water, put in a water bath, and simmer, covered, for a quarter of an hour. After insist 45 minutes, drain, squeeze out the raw materials and the resulting broth is diluted with hot boiled water to the level that was originally. Take 1/3 cup twice a day in a heated state. Shelf life - for two days.

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