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WHAT cardio

What is cardio

Who has not heard of such a useful and effective form of exercise as cardio?

If you are one of those who is always thinking about how to lose weight or improve endurance, then this type of training is ideal for you.


Cardio exercises are called, in the course ofwhich increases stamina and improves the cardiovascular system. In other words, these are training, from which you initially straying breath, you can even feel short of breath. For example, the simplest cardio, which is available to everyone without having any special equipment - is running. There are other kinds of sports activities. There are also a balanced workout, containing a variety of exercises that are carried out at a rapid pace and give kardioeffekt.

Types of cardio

Running - the most popular cardio. Run is almost everyone, this sport are very few contraindications. But if you can not run, you can begin to engage in brisk walking. Actually, even if you do not do absolutely no exercise, and do not plan to soon start, yet do not give up walking. A daily half-hour walk will not only help you improve your cardiovascular system, but also greatly enhance the tone of the body.
Cycling or inline skating - also excellent views of cardio, also quite funny.
There are special trainers that give it such a load. This is different steppers, treadmills, elliptical trainers.
Another type of cardio is extremely pleasant and belovedmany - diving. Engage them as possible in natural waters and swimming pools. It should be noted that cardio is natural to man, since several thousands of years ago, all our remote had to do it a lot. Believe me, your body remembers it, he will be happy to such a load.
Step aerobics - this is a very effective exercise for weight loss. You can engage in the hall, and you can buy a disc and do the exercises at home.

How to lose weight with cardio

To deal with properly, it is recommendedadhere to certain rules. First, choose a load that you like. Enjoy swimming - purchase a subscription to the pool. If you like walking with the player - is perfect for walking trails. For those who love to dance, aerobics can be advised.
Exercise, focusing on their leveltraining. Do not try to perform the maximum number of repetitions at once. But over time, increase the duration of the training. Practise as often as possible. Best of all every day, and 5-6 times a week is good too.
Take care of nutrition and weight loss processgo much faster! This does not mean you have to starve yourself back on your favorite diet. Just add in the diet of protein foods and lower in carbohydrates and fats.
If you have something does not work or you no matter feel after cardio, consult a doctor or a good coach. It is possible and to both at once.

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