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WHAT canapés

Canape can be a snack, and dessert

Canapés - it is small sandwiches from a variety of ingredients that can brighten any holiday table and a buffet.

Preparation of Canapes not require any special skills, just need to pick the best combination of products.

Original snacks in the form of canapés

Canape sandwiches called the tiny, worn onskewer, which is sent into the mouth whole, without biting. Coming from France, the idea of ​​food today occupies a significant place in the buffets and festive tables.
Traditionally, the basis of the dried bread canapés or toast. Top laid out a variety of combinations of products: meat, fish, cheese, vegetables.
For the preparation of elementary canapés you will need a dice finished products. Popular flavor combinations canapés:
- "Borodino" bread, salted herring and apple, sprinkle with lemon sokom-
- Black bread, salted salmon, pickled cucumber and maslina-
- Bread, salami, cucumber and pomidor-
- White bread, two kinds of cheese, olive, tomato cherri-
- Toast, cucumber, shrimp and maslina-
- White bread, smoked chicken breast, marinated mushrooms and maslina-
- Toast, boiled chicken and ananas-
- White bread, cheese and red caviar.
Bready base can be lubricated with oil, meltedcheese, pate, cream cheese with herbs, mayonnaise. To decorate use dill, basil, parsley, green onions. The original form of canapés will add a thin slice of cheese, put on the ends of the skewers in the form of a sail.
In modern Russian cuisine can be prepared canapes and bread without the basics. To do this, take a longer skewer, stringing her cheese cubes, olives, wrapped in bacon, lettuce.
For more complex recipes used canapésfried cheese, slices of duck fillet, baked with bacon, shrimp tempura. As a basis puff pastry of fried grated potato pad can be used.

Desserts in the form of canapés

can be used for cooking and canapésDessert products: fruits, jams, biscuits. For dessert canapés can combine a variety of fruits: apples, bananas, kiwi, oranges, grapes, pineapple, strawberries, blackberries, etc. Applying canapés technique, you can create an interesting dish for children's parties. With the basics out of the apple and carrot and toothpicks easy to make Christmas tree for the New Year, and of pears and grapes can build funny hedgehog. In the same way we obtain the original little mice, birds, trees and much more.
Recipes are countless tapas. The most important thing you can do to easily compose them of what is at hand. The main motto of canapés - quick, tasty, beautiful!

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