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WHAT can you give to a scientific leader


What can you give a scientific adviser</a>

The question of what can be given to the scientific leader, most often worries those who are going to defend the diploma or have already defended, that is, the student's brotherhood.

Of course, for any teacher the best and most pleasant gift is the statute of victory and achievement of his wards.

However, it will not be superfluous to have a material gift, presented from the heart.

To give or not? Ethical aspect of the issue

At the initial stage it is best to find out,And whether your teacher is receiving any gifts. In this case, we are not even talking about representatives of the "old guard", who can find any presents literally criminal and can react to them very negatively. Some young teachers are also not very willing to accept gifts, fearing conviction on the part of their colleagues or fearing being caught in bribery.

The female leader can be presented with ornaments made from natural stones. They are not as expensive as gold jewelry, and look nobler than plastic jewelry.

Do not forget about your attitude toScientific adviser. Perhaps, he not only made no effort to help you, but also prevented good preparation or infringed you. But there is another option, when a gift to the teacher is the best way to express to him his sincere gratitude, warm attitude and admiration. It is in this case that the present will be really appropriate.

Gift to the head: the financial side of the issue

Often, the financial side of the issue is also relevant, especially for students. Not everyone is able to afford an expensive gift to a scientific leader.
Therefore, it is desirable to discuss the option of "folding"For a certain amount of money by all the students of this teacher. This way will give an excellent opportunity for a relatively small for each money to choose a beautiful and valuable gift, which will be remembered by the teacher for life.

The choice of a gift depending on the age of the leader

In addition, one should not overlook the ageHis teacher. After all, you will agree that the woman-leader of advanced years will be more pleased with a smart portfolio or picture than a subscription to Balinese or Thai massage.
The same is true of young male managers who can be taught something from cutting-edge technologies, rather than a set of tobacco with a smoking pipe.

Classification of gifts to the scientific supervisor

Presenters, suitable for the presentation of the thesis supervisor, can be divided into several different types:
- serious-
- personal-
- The banal-
- Funny.
To serious gifts, the scientific leader canCarry interior items, paintings and other works of art, equipment, gold products, etc. Personal presents can be: ordering a table in a restaurant, a subscription to a visit to the beauty salon, cosmetics, payment for a massage therapist.

Ideally, a gift to the scientific leader should be selected taking into account not only his age and sex, but also his taste. Such a present will be the most enjoyable for him.

Banal gifts are usually handed or with complete indifference to their teacher or in the absence of funds or imagination. Such presentations include: wine, flowers, cognac, postcards and sweets.
Funny gifts. Modern technologies and materials allow creating original and unusual presents for the memory of the scientific leader, which will remain in his memory for a long time. For example, you can present the teacher with a composition of handmade chocolates, a comic eulogy, order a parade of balloons, involve him in a rally on TV and much more. However, it is necessary to be sure that the person will take it right and do not expect a cash presentation or its equivalent from you.
It might seem that choosing a gift fromAll sorts of abundance is very simple. However, in this case, one should adhere to delicacy and understand the boundaries of the relevant and permissible. After all, a man who has spent not only his time on you, but also a particle of himself, can not only be very pleased, but also upset the wrongly chosen gift or his absence.

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