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What can you give supervisor

What can you give supervisor

The question that can give the supervisor, often concerned about those who are going to defend the diploma or have already defended, ie the student fraternity.

Of course, for any teacher the best and most pleasant gift Statute of victories and achievements of his charges.

However, no harm will and material gift, presenting a pure heart.

To give or not? The ethical side of the issue

At the initial stage, it is best to find out all the same,and whether your teacher is to receive any gifts. In this case it is not even about the representatives of the "old guard", who may find all the presents just criminals and can respond to them very negatively. Some young teachers are not too customized to accept gifts, fearing censure from peers or fear of being caught taking bribes.

Chairwoman-woman can donate decorations made of natural stones. They are not as expensive as gold- and look nobler plastic jewelry.

We should not forget about his attitude tosupervisor. Maybe he not only did not make any effort to ensure that help you, but also let a good preparation or penalize you. But there is another option, when present teacher is the best way to express my sincere gratitude, warm attitude and admiration. It is in such a case, a present will be really relevant.

Present leader: financial side of the issue

Often, the financial side of the issue is also relevant, especially for students. Give an expensive gift supervisor can afford not everyone.
That is why it is desirable to discuss the version of "chip"a certain amount of money all the students of this teacher. This method will provide an excellent opportunity for relatively little money for each to choose a beautiful and valuable gift that will be remembered for a lifetime teacher.

Choosing a gift based on the age of the head

In addition, we should not lose sight of the agehis teacher. After all, you will agree, is chairwoman of a woman of advanced years longer be delighted chic portfolio or painting than on subscription Balinese or Thai massage.
Similarly, things and with young men-leaders who can teach anything from cutting-edge technologies, rather than a set of tobacco with a pipe.

Classification gifts supervisor

Presents suitable for presenting the diploma to the head, it can be divided into several different types:
- sereznye-
- lichnye-
- banalnye-
- Fun.
Grave gifts supervisor caninclude home furnishings, paintings and other works of art, equipment, gold, etc. Personal prezenty may include: restaurant reservations, ticket to visit the beauty salon, cosmetics, masseur payment services.

Ideally, present supervisor must be selected taking into account not only the age and gender, but also its taste. Such a present will be the most pleasant for him.

Commonplace gifts usually hand or complete indifference to their teacher or in the absence of any means of imagination. For this kind of presents are: wine, flowers, brandy, cards and candy.
Funny gifts. Modern technologies and materials allow you to create original and unusual prezenty memory supervisor, who will remain in his memory for a long time. For example, it is possible to present the composition of the teacher handmade chocolates, humorous ode of praise, enjoy the parade balloons, to involve him in the draw on TV and more. However, you must be sure that people will perceive it correctly and does not wait on you a present of money or its equivalent.
It may seem that to choose a gift fromall kinds of abundance is easy. However, in this case should follow the delicacy and a good understanding of the boundaries of appropriate and acceptable. After all, a person spend on you not only time, but also of themselves, can not only very pleased but also upset the wrong choose gifts or lack of it.

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