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What can you do with a child in the summer house

What can you do with a child in the summer house

If in the summer day the child is forced to stay at home, for example, due to bad weather or other reasons, adult task - to come up with Neskuchne lesson for him.

In the courtyard of the summer - it's time for outdoor games outdoors. But it also happens that suddenly loaded the rain, so the child does not know in a day, than to occupy himself.
Seat the child for the whole day in front of TV -It is not an option. You can give him a few simple tasks or offer simple but interesting game. Busy business child will not interfere with an adult, who may be, for example, scheduled cleaning, and also master something new.

Simple games with children for a rainy day

"The important message." For this game, it is necessary to inflate the balloon, and on it write a poem, anecdote or short message. Ball blow away and hide - so that the child can find it. The child must be explained that somewhere hid an important message that is written on the ball, and ask for help to find him. Kids not only interesting to look for the ball, but also to inflate it, to see the letter, and read written by someone from the adults.

"Aircraft". While mom is busy in the kitchen, the child is given the paper with a request to build a few airplanes from it. Each plane master must assign a name and imagine yourself a pilot. Mom will take on the role of an air traffic controller - will allow the rise and subsequent landing at the airport with the name of "Kitchen".

Classes with older children

But the job that will be interesting both for children andadults - "map desires". You will need a large sheet of paper, glue, markers, clippings from magazines and newspapers. Each participant of the game is to think about what he would like most of all, and a piece of paper to draw a desire to perform or appliqué, collage on the subject. Desire can be a little - well, it is necessary to issue each of them visually.
During the creative process is usefultalk with your child, asking why he wants to do that, when he imagines the process. If possible, should be made of desires to save the map - it will be interesting to look at it in a few months or years, and noted that already come true.
"The sea in a bottle." Pour water in a bottle made of transparent plastic. There also add a little food coloring blue or blue, tiny toys, shells, sequins and other appropriate stuff. If in the near future it is planned a trip to the sea, you can dream up with your child, imagine who he would like to see there.
"Jellyfish" can be made from a piece of cellophane. It is better to just take the bag - the section at its center is wound thread, turns the body "jellyfish". The residue was scissors cut into strips. "Jellyfish" is run into the bottle. In conclusion there is to pour a small amount of vegetable oil, close the lid, shake all. Now you can watch the "marine life", and it can be even more interesting to the child than a home aquarium.

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