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What can be done beautifully with hair

Beautiful hairstyle must be like a young lady, and an adult lady

A woman of any age simply has to be compelling.

And one of the main ways to achieve this - to make a beautiful hairdo.

Depending on the length and condition of your hair, face shape and your mood, choose the appropriate method - straightening, curling or braiding.

Secrets of beautiful hair styles

Regardless of the length of your hair, you can alwaysto come up with original packing or a beautiful hairdo. At home, it would be easy to implement one of three options: align, curl or braid hair.
Every girl should be remembered that irongenerally beautiful hairstyle - well-groomed hair. To keep your curls glowed with health and strength and to any hairstyle looked a winner, do not forget to take care of them:
- Wash your head as pollution, too frequent and too infrequent washing and hurt the skin, and volosam-
- At least once a week apply a special mask, suitable for your type of hair-
- Do not over-dry hair-
- In time shear off split ends (every 2-3 months).
Well-groomed hair can be leveled by meansironing. To do this, comb your hair clean, dried using a thermal barrier means, and specify the location of the parting. Divide the hair into two parts. Upper secure eraser and start to straighten from the bottom. Then do the opposite. Do not hold your styler for a long time in one area. After completing sprinkle hair lacquer.
Make beautiful ringlets, you can use curling irons,the same ironing or using curlers. The first two options faster. And the hair, wound on curlers, pre-moistened mousse will last longer. Experiment with techniques irons and pick the option that is right for you.

Options for hairstyles with braids

If you are the owner of long or medium lengthHair, you can try to braid braids. This kind of hairstyle for a long time has passed from the practical to the aesthetic function. We offer several options for its execution:
- Two simple braid braids and obveyte them around the head in a wreath, securing nevidimkami-
- Braid two spikelets, stepping back a bit from the forehead, in each subsequent strand braids add curl of the free hair-
- After the fix spikes with rubber bands at the ends, drag links braids, thus giving them the volume
- Start to weave spike on the right temple level and finish at the bottom of the left side of loosening the tension leaving a large hvost-
- Make two symmetrical spikelets, chipping the ends at the back in the form gulki-
- Make a braid "fishtail." To do this, scratches on the back of the head with the selected temporal regions of the head, two small strands hair- - continue to recruit and cross strands of loose hair, fasten beautiful rezinkoy-
Hairstyle can add a variety of decorative elements - hoop, barrettes with big flowers, colorful rubber bands, armbands, ribbons.
Do not experiment with a new hairdo beforeresponsible action. Work out a time or two in advance, slowly, trying different versions. Then for the big day, you can prepare quickly and without surprises.

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