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WHAT can be done beautifully with hair


A beautiful hairstyle should be like that of a young lady or an adult lady</a>

A woman of any age simply has to be irresistible.

And one of the main ways to achieve this is to make a beautiful hairstyle.

Depending on the length and condition of your hair, face shape and your mood, choose the right method - straightening, curling or weaving.

Secrets of a beautiful hairstyle

Regardless of the length of your hair, you can alwaysCome up with an original styling or a beautiful hairstyle. At home, it will not be difficult to realize one of three options: straighten, curl or braid hair.
Each girl needs to remember that the ironThe rule of a beautiful hairstyle - well-groomed hair. So that your locks shine with health and strength and look good in any hair, do not forget to look after them:
- Wash your head as it gets dirty, too frequent and too rare washing will damage both the skin and hair-
- at least once a week, apply special masks that are suitable for your hair type-
- Do not overdry hair-
- in time cut the split ends (every 2-3 months).
Well-groomed hair can be aligned withironing. To do this, comb the clean hair, dried with a thermal protective agent, and determine the location of the suction. Divide the hair into two parts. Mount the upper with an elastic band, and straighten start with the bottom. Then do the opposite. Do not hold the styler for a long time in one section. After finishing, sprinkle the hair with varnish.
Make beautiful curls can be done with a curling iron,The same ironing or using curlers. The first two options are faster. A curl, wound on curlers, pre-moistened with foam for styling, will last longer. Experiment with waving techniques and choose the option that suits you.

Variants of hairstyles with braids

If you are the owner of long or medium lengthHair, you can try braid braids. This kind of hairstyle has long passed from practical to aesthetic function. We offer several options for its execution:
- plait two simple braids and wrap them around the head in the form of a wreath, fixing invisible-
- twine two spikelets, stepping slightly from the forehead line, in each subsequent strand of braid add a curl of free hair-
- after fixing spikelets with elastic bands at the ends, stretch the braid links, thus giving them a volume-
- Start weaving the spikelets at the level of the right temple and finish down on the left side, loosening the tension or leaving a large tail-
- make two symmetrical spikelet, chop off their ends on the back of the head in the form of a bump-
- make the fish tail "fish tail". To do this, cross at the back of the neck selected from the temporal areas of the head two small locks of hair - continue to type and cross strands of loose hair, fasten with a beautiful elastic band,
Add a haircut can be various decorative elements - a hoop, hairpins with large flowers, bright elastic bands, bandages, ribbons.
Do not experiment with a new hairdo beforeResponsible action. Practice once or twice in advance, slowly, trying out various options. Then by the important day you can prepare quickly and without surprises.

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